It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Broke Dee, Review

The Gang is back for Season Nine on a new channel and new night.

The anticipation is over. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has transitioned to a new night, on a new network, to start it’s brand-spanking-new ninth season. There was some fear that Always Sunny’s dedicated audience wouldn’t make the switch to FX’s new sister network, FXX, out of pure laziness. Instead of touting their return, the cast was told to Tweet constant reminders for fans to check their local listings to make sure they got their proper dose of the Gang.

“People have always found our show on their own,” Charlie Day told reporters at Comic Con. “We’ve been a show that’s survived thanks to audience ingenuity and certainly no thanks to awards programs. We’ve solely survived off generations of college kids telling their friends to find the show.”

For those who don’t have FXX or failed to find the channel on your cable box that has over 1000 channels to choose from – despite all that’s new in Philadelphia – it’s the same old Always Sunny charm that turned what appeared to be a dud into another memorable episode. After years of neglect, Dee hits rock bottom. We’ve seen Dee broken down, scrutinized and literally set on fire but never before have we seen Paddy’s fifth wheel so down on herself. Naturally, the Gang takes it as a challenge to rehab Dee’s self-esteem. Where usually Always Sunny works off an an A and B plot, “The Gang Broke Dee” has one collective goal – to build up to an unexpected climax.  

To get there, Dee’s comeback tour starts where she’s historically been the least successful: on-stage. With the help of a new routine, a creepy, overweight talent agent and the backing of her fan club, Dee is as famous as ever. Picking up where last season left off, Dennis – whom I named MVP of season eight – steps in to control the situation.

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Only now, the tables have turned in this new season. Dennis no longer rules the roost. Every move in Always Sunny is calculated because we know these are horrible, horrible people who cannot function in society without an ulterior motive. When Dennis realizes he can’t stop Dee from achieving fame, he begs to come along for the ride. We know that Dennis doesn’t have emotion. He manufactures it because he wants a piece of the action.

Always Sunny makes a conscious effort to make it look like things are changing – moving to a new network and new night only to have Dee become the star – and it left us wondering if they would be able to perform on a new stage. But they emphatically turned an episode with few laughs into a jaw dropper in the final minutes when not only Dee is hoodwinked into believing Mac, Charlie and Frank’s elaborate scheme, but also shaming Dennis in the process.  

Philly Phanatics: 

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3 out of 5