How The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Might Happen

Now that The Walking Dead crossover is official, join us for some in-depth speculation as to how it might happen!

This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.

As you may have heard by now, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman made an announcement at New York Comic Con that sent shockwaves through the zombieverse: AMC’s The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead will have a crossover event. Kirkman was both specific and vague enough about the crossover details to leave fans wondering how such an event will happen, given the series’ differing timelines. FTWD is a prequel to TWD, after all.

While fan reaction to the news has been mixed, I for one am very excited by the prospect of characters from both shows mingling in some way. Seriously, why have them inhabit the same universe (if not the same timeline) if a crossover was never in the cards? This crossing of the streams as it were is a unique storytelling opportunity—if done well. And doing it well comes down to who will be crossing over and how they will do it.

Crossing over a character from TWD to FTWD would offer a unique storytelling opportunity that would allow AMC to flesh out a main character. What was Abraham up to before he joined up with Rick’s group? Did the Governor cross paths with Madison and her clan before settling into Woodbury? And then there’s the enigmatic Jadis, who we basically know nothing about. This seems to me like the most logical choice, especially since a TWD character would probably give FTWD a bit of a boost in the ratings.

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The obvious choice for FTWD to TWD crossover would be someone from the Clark family, most likely Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). But I’m going to shoot this theory down, as an appearance by any FTWD main character would be detrimental to their own show. From a narrative standpoint, knowing that Alicia survives long enough to make it into TWD‘s later timeline would rob FTWD of any dramatic power. Plus there are still plenty of other viable FTWD candidates for the crossover.

So, with all that being said, it’s time to do some hardcore speculation:


Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz)

By Kirkman’s own reckoning, as he pointed out at SDCC, “Fear the Walking Dead takes place roughly around the time of season 1 and beginning of season 2 in The Walking Dead. Walking Dead season 8 is taking place with the theoretical Fear The Walking Dead season 7.” Because of this, it makes sense for FTWD to explore the backstory of someone from TWD, but it would have to be a character that appears after TWD‘s second season. Abraham is the most obvious choice for this.

The reasons are twofold. One, Abraham is a fan favorite (as is Cudlitz himself). Bringing him back from the dead to explore his backstory is not only a brilliant idea, but it reunites viewers with a beloved character in a way that doesn’t feel forced or cheap. And two, in FTWD‘s season three finale, Ray McKinnon’s Proctor John describes a plan to establish a trade route from Houston to San Diego. As fans of TWD know, Big Red’s journey begins in Houston. This is definitely the most organic storytelling choice, so hopefully we’ll see Abraham kicking zombie butt once again.


The Governor (David Morissey)

In this same vein of resurrecting a dead character to explore his backstory, David Morissey’s Governor is another great candidate for the crossover. But, as many intrepid viewers know, Mr. Blake hails from Georgia. Were this to happen, though, I propose that he be related to Madison Clark, played by Kim Dickens. While Madison is from Alabama, there’s no reason the two couldn’t be cousins. From a storytelling standpoint, both grew up in violent, unstable homes. Post apocalypse, both characters are certainly prone to decisions that get the people around them killed. I’m behind this idea if for no other reason than I’d like to see Morissey return to TWD universe.

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Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

And while we’re swinging for the fences, why not Negan? The Saviors’ bat-wielding, charismatic leader remains a bit of a mystery, at least on the show. Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard actually explored Negan’s backstory last year in the pages of Image+. The serialized story “Here’s Negan!” delves into the life of this former coach in the early days of the outbreak.

TWD isn’t big on flashbacks, though, so it might make more sense to see who and where Negan was before the outbreak explored in “real time.” Plus bringing Jeffrey Dean Morgan into FTWD would generate all kinds of serious buzz for both shows. And wouldn’t it be great to see him trade barbs with someone like Colman Domingo’s acid-tongued Victor Strand?


Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh)

We don’t really know much about the scavengers’ leader, who we were first introduced to in TWD’s seventh season. Even now, her odd character remains an enigma; any kind of backstory would help. Was she a speech therapist who snapped, a linguist gone mad? Help us out here, Scott Gimple! Plus, if there’s a possibility of Jadis becoming the Whisperers’ Alpha, learning more about her earlier could only strengthen her role on TWD.


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Tobias (Lincoln A. Castellanos)

While certainly not a major character, having only appeared in two episodes early in the first season, what’s notable about high school student Tobias is he was the first person in FTWD who knew something was rotten in Denmark. In the earliest days of the infection, not only was he canny enough to arm himself, he knew to raid the school cafeteria’s food stores after all hell broke loose. He and Madison part company early on, but I’d like to think this street-smart kid went on to survive, becoming a postapocalyptic badass in the process.

TWD has its share of younger characters, most notably Carl and Enid—so why not bring in a friend for them? Diehard FTWD fans would appreciate seeing Tobias fall in with Rick Grimes, especially since the character continues to be well-liked despite the fact that he was barely on the show.


Alex (Michelle Ang)

Alex was already part of a less ballyhooed FTWD crossover event back in season two. Remember the web series Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462? This was an exciting, self-contained story that introduced viewers to a very tough customer who, like Tobias, knew the truth behind the infection. And like Tobias, no one listened to her, which brought deadly results to those on board.

After her plane goes down, Alex eventually crosses paths with those aboard Victor Strand’s yacht—including Travis Manawa and Madison. Things don’t go well for Alex, who ultimately gets left in a dinghy in the middle of the ocean. She returns a few episodes later, understandably embittered and angry. This time, she’s allied herself with pirates (yes, pirates), and goes gunning for the yacht. It’s FTWD‘s first vendetta, and it leads to Travis and Alicia Clark being kidnapped, though they later escape.

Alex survives the encounter but she’s never seen again after the first half of season two. Which means it’s quite possible she’s made her way east in that stretch of time. Who’s to say she doesn’t have family in the D.C. metro area? Assuming she’s renounced her pirate past, Alex would easily answer Rick’s three questions, though ultimately I could see her sorted into Hilltop.

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Celia Flores (Marlene Forté)

I previously explored the idea of TWD‘s Whisperers originating on FTWD (which you can read about here). This is still a possibility. And while I’d posited that anyone from Madison to Strand could fill Alpha’s shoes, I now think season two’s Celia could best fit the bill. Not only is she sympathetic to the undead (she poisoned an entire church congregation to protect her undead friends and family), we never saw her die in the blaze that consumed the vineyard. If Daniel Salazar could survive that fire, why couldn’t Celia? Even as the leader of the deadly Whisperers, it’s doubtful her appearance on the show would justify the kind of buzz AMC is hoping to generate with this crossover.


Luciana (Danay Garcia)

The first time we encounter Luciana in season two, she’s on a scouting mission for a group of Mexican survivors known collectively as the Colony. She and Nick Clark eventually find themselves in a relationship, which leads them not only north of the border, but into the hands of Troy Otto’s immigrant-killing militia.

Along with the rest of the Clarks, Luciana finds safe haven at the Ottos’ Broke Jaw Ranch. As a Mexican, breaking bread with murdering bigots is not her cup of tea. Nick is sympathetic up to a point. His decision to stay at the ranch drives a wedge between them. Aside from a silent cameo in the season three finale, we never see Luciana again in the second half of the season.

In that time, it’s entirely plausible she’s made her way east. With Glenn dead and Heath still AWOL, TWD could use another good scout, though perhaps Luciana might get sorted into the Kingdom. Plus, Luciana’s appearance on TWD might create lots of buzz without it feeling like a ratings ploy.

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Qaletqa Walker and/or Crazy Dog (Michael Greyeyes and Justin Rain)

When we first encounter the members of the Black Hat tribe, they are at war with Broke Jaw Ranch. Eventually this blood feud is laid to rest and the Nation moves into the ranch. But as viewers of these Walking Dead shows know, nothing lasts forever, and by the end of season three, the ranch has been leveled and both Walker and Crazy Dog have hit the road with the Clarks. Their plan to trade with the Gonzalez Dam is not meant to be, though, after Strand brokers a deal that ultimately leads to a hostile takeover of the dam. Like the ranch, the dam is reduced to rubble, which sets Walker and Crazy Dog on a trek north to find others from their tribe.

Both characters are ruthless and compassionate when necessary, much the way Rick Grimes can be in the best or worst of times. Which means they’d likely be sorted into Alexandria, answering Rick’s three questions with ease. While outgoing showrunner Dave Erickson has said he had no prior knowledge of a crossover before wrapping season three, knowing that Walker and Crazy Dog are headed north, it makes sense that they might eventually encounter people from TWD. The only stumbling block to this is having a character named Walker on a show where the zombies are CALLED walkers—which opens the door to an awkward “Who’s on first?” scenario.


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