His Dark Materials Season 3: Beloved Character Confirmed to Return

The final season of His Dark Materials will air this December on BBC One and HBO. Here's what we know.

Lyra and Will in series 3 of His Dark Materials
Photo: Bad Wolf/BBC/HBO

This article contains SPOILERS for series 3 of His Dark Materials

After our exclusive His Dark Materials season three interview with Dafne Keen, Amir Wilson and Jane Tranter was released earlier this week, excitement abounded for the much-anticipated His Dark Materials panel at NYC Comic Con 2022, and it certainly did not disappoint.

Not only did it give us information on the season three release date, we got a surprise video appearance and an exclusive look at the trailer ahead of its global release, which confirmed the return of a character many might not have been expecting to see.

Executive producers Jane Tranter and Dan McCulloch were joined at the NYCC panel by His Dark Materials stars James McAvoy and Amir Wilson, plus Dafne Keen attending virtually.

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His Dark Materials Season Three Release Date

The panel confirmed we’ll be seeing The Amber Spyglass, the conclusion of the His Dark Materials trilogy, in December 2022. It will be airing on HBO and HBO Max from 5th December, with two episodes being released each week, and the finale will air on December 26th. We’ll bring you confirmation of the BBC release date as soon as we get it.

His Dark Materials Season Three Trailer

Those in attendance were given an exclusive look at the series three trailer, which hasn’t yet been made available to the public, but Jane Tranter has confirmed on Twitter that it’s ‘a few hours’ away from being released:

We’ll post it here as soon as it’s out.

The Return of a Beloved Character

A surprise reveal at the end of the trailer showed excited fans the return of Lee Scoresby, the character played by Lin Manuel Miranda, who we previously saw die a hero in a shoot-out in season two.

Scoresby’s posthumous return is via the Land of the Dead, a desolate place ruled by the Authority, where ghosts are tormented by harpies. We saw a glimpse of this in the post-credits scene at the end of series two, which suggests Lyra will also be reunited with Roger there. During the panel Q&A, Amir Wilson commented that the Land of the Dead sets were utterly immersive. As well as the Land of the Dead, the panel also revealed we’ll be seeing the Clouded Mountain and the Mulefa.

The rest of the trailer revealed Lord Asriel building his army, gathering the greatest warriors from every world, ready to try to take down the Authority.

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A Surprise Video Appearance

Although fans weren’t expecting to see Ruth Wilson (aka Mrs Coulter) in attendance, panel attendees were treated to a video recording from her, in which she paid tribute to the His Dark Materials team, saying it had been a ‘great privilege’ to work on the show. ‘I’ve had an absolute blast playing Mrs Coulter, those kinds of roles don’t really come along often’ she said, before addressing the third season: ‘All I can promise you is that it is going to be epic.’ We don’t doubt it.

The cast spoke about what an emotional series The Amber Spyglass will be, and it certainly seems like the final installment of His Dark Materials is going to be a moving farewell to the show.