Heroes s1:6 review

Ooops. We're really late with this one. Thank God for repeats, right? Anyway, Tony reckons Heroes has started stretching the limits of his suspension of disbelief. Uh oh

This week, Heroes stretched the idea of believable coincidence to its absolute limits. Firstly, Hiro and Ando call Isaac just when Peter happens to be there. Then the Japanese duo are forced to participate in yet another poker game, and rather fortunately in the bog together (don’t ask), when someone bursts into the poker room and kills all the other players.

We later learn that the killer is none other than Psycho-mum Niki. Her other self also tells her that she was the one who set up her husband DL, and that there’s a shitload of money hidden in the house. The money was stolen from the mysterious Mr Linderman, who just happens to be the guy blackmailing Nathan Petrelli. Anyway, Niki gets the cash, but DL spots her and they have a bit of scrap. Finally showing something which can be described as a super power, she smacks him halfway across the room with a single blow. Not to be outdone, DL reveals yet another coincidence by putting his hand straight through her abdomen and having a bit of feel around inside her guts. Charming.

So it seems, then, that Niki and DL are both ‘special’. There’s me thinking it was some rare genetic leap that made the Heroes. Now it seems like everyone’s got some superhuman ability. Really, it does seem very unlikely that two people with super powers would just happen to meet and get married. I’m guessing they must have lived close to a nuclear power plant at some point.

But does any of this affect my enjoyment of the series? No, not really. I’m quite happy to just turn off my brain and enjoy the often silly plotlines. And there’s also that much talked about human-interest element to enjoy. This week, Claire got to meet her biological parents. Of course, there was something dodgy going on, and her father Mr Bennet was involved (as always). As sneaky and secret agenty as he is, I’m thinking he might not be as nasty as he seems. I have no idea if this prediction is anywhere near accurate, so if you’ve seen the later episodes and know better, keep it to yourself.

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Right at the very end of the episode we see Eden turn up at Isaac’s apartment, pretending to be a fan. As it happens, she’s more into Cubism, and is in fact, there under the instruction of… yes, you guessed it – Mr Bennet. It seems too obvious, but is his name ‘Gordon’, by any chance? This didn’t really surprise me, as I could tell that she was dodgy from the start. Why? Well, she just looks a bit shifty really.