Hannibal: Shiizakana, Review

Repressed rage goes to the dogs on Hannibal's Shiizakana. Here's Gerri's review...

“Shiizakana” once again cleverly borrows imagery from the movies, specifically Graham’s fantasy of decapitating Hannibal, which comes to us directly from “Hannibal Rising”. Getting your head wrenched off through the clever use of ropes and pulleys and a well-trained elk (used to cinch the line) has to suck. Even in Graham’s fantasy, Hannibal handles it with aplomb as he waxes poetic about the lengths people will go to help their “beloved” reach their full potential.

Sigh. I wish they would just make out already.

As you might remember, last episode Graham appeared to have crossed another significant line in his development as a monster. He attempted to kill a serial killer who mirrored Hannibal. However the good doctor held him back at the last minute. This week, during therapy, Graham expressed regret. Only he regrets letting his bromance stop him from pulling the trigger. The two of them are delving into the pros and cons of adopting a Batman-esque (albeit a lethal Batman) practice of vigilante justice. They should also take a minute to discuss the hideous hat that Hannibal wears to this episode’s crime scene. Seriously; that man has rocked every single butt ugly suit the show’s wardrobe department has draped him in – but the hat was a deal breaker and it breaks my heart to have to admit that. Blegh.

On a similar note; Graham is looking a lot more appealing now that he is a non-sweaty wackadoodle. Aw yeah!

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Yes, he has handed the reigns of his previously disheveled appearance over to Peter Bernardone, the hapless stable boy and animal lover from last week’s episode (you know, the dude who sewed his social worker into a dead horse). He consults with Peter on a case where the victims appear to have been mauled by either a bear of a wolf. Graham asks if two such animals could be trained to hunt together. Peter observes that, given enough time, he could train Graham to do just about anything.

Indeed. But we already knew that.

The beast in question turns out to be a man, an engineer who cleverly channeled his killing rage and built a mechanized animal suite which allows him to hunt down and tear apart his victims. Luckily, Hannibal remembers treating a teenage boy, years earlier, with a disorder that would fit the profile of this murderer. The boy fancied himself an animal. I fancy Hannibal has an overt touch of the deus ex machina this episode (okay, most episodes where he literally sniffs out killers) and the writers jumped the shark. Much like they did last season with the professional musician serial killer who made string instruments with his victims – and who was also a ninja. Sigh.

Why wouldn’t Hannibal know the killer? Not only that but it looks like he nurtured this particular killer. Much like he believes he is nurturing Graham. Or that he is helping his other patient, Margot, realize her lifelong ambition: killing her brother.

Either way, I have to say the convenience of the relationship be damned; the episode wrapped up quite nicely.


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Hannibal sends his old animal-loving protégé after Graham. And despite the fact that Graham lives with the most useless pack of dogs I’ve ever seen, he manages to defeat and kill the engineer who fancies himself an apex predator. Seriously. My cat would put up a better fight in my defense then those dopey dogs. Anywho, I should clarify – it looks like Graham defeats him with his fists. Dude. That’s some serious repressed rage.

But all is fair in love and war (and bromances) as Graham calmly observes when he delivers the corpse to Hannibal’s office. Each sent a killer after the other. Each prevailed. Now they are even. Even Steven.

Body parts eaten this episode: None, unless that liver and sweet bread omelet Hannibal served to Crawford came from questionable origins. Really, why would Crawford continue to eat there??

How do you make thathttp://www.andalucia.org/en/recipes/sacromonte-omelette/  

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3.5 out of 5