Hannibal: Mukozuke, Review

Hannibal eats the evidence in Mukozuke. Here's Gerri's review...

I am starting to get the impression that Hannibal is one lonely dude. First he loses his bromance with Graham. Then he loses his sessions of implied sexy time with Du Maurier. The poor man is reduced to either hanging out with Crawford and Chilton or staring at the empty chair in his office (thinking of Graham, no doubt, and missing their sweaty friendship). Why else would he save Bella’s life last episode? Sure, he is sadistic enough to deny a caner ridden woman the right to commit suicide, but it is more likely that he did not want Crawford to be incapacitated with grief over the loss of his wife just yet. After all, as long as Crawford is running the show, Hannibal is going to run ramshod over him.

Last week saw Special Agent Katz trying to shoot her way out of Hannibal’s basement. That it ends badly for her should surprise no one. Exactly how much combat experience do the forensic scientists have? Clearly not enough. Katz ends up vivisected and neatly pressed between huge plates of glass. Kind of like the slides she would use under her microscope.

And while I love, love, LOVE this show (often in an unhealthy way), you have got to be kidding me. Really? There can’t possibly be an easier piece of evidence to trace. Where the hell did he get that set up? The industrial sized pane of glass store down the street? Yeesh.

While the FBI are trying to recoup after this devastating loss, Graham is clumsily trying to hustle his remaining chess pieces across the board. He manipulates Chilton, getting Abel Gideon back to the institution (fans will be delighted to see Eddie Izzard doing his best creepy-guy again). Then he uses Freddie Lounds to make contact with the copycat killer, who turns out to be a really cute asylum orderly. Graham asks the copycat to kill Hannibal. I guess Graham never played chess before? Honestly his long game sucks and he is terrible at subtlety. Also, no one is buying those crocodile tears. Sure, Hannibal has a soft spot for the wackadoodle, but he knows that his bromance is still gunning for him. And not in the sexy way.

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Still, the copycat gets the drop on Hannibal and strings him up. In his undies. This viewer is not real clear what happened during the rest of that scene as she was busy licking her tv screen. Hot dang, I will never object to a little Mikkelsen objectification. They went on at length about whether Hannibal killed the judge from Graham’s trial (yes), and whether he was the Chesapeake Ripper (duh), and was Graham his bromance and something something something. Did I mention he was wet AND in his undies? I am so sure the dialog was profound. Profound in my pants.

Unfortunately for Graham, his nefarious plan to kill the good doctor was foiled by Crawford and Bloom. Plus Crawford shoots the copycat, so Hannibal’s secret is still safe. In my pants.

Sorry, sorry. Did I mention that I love this show in an unhealthy way?

Anywho. Speaking of chess, I am curious what Hannibal’s long game is going to be this time around. Does he ultimately regret getting Graham incarcerated? Was the death of the judge his way of apologizing? How will this attempt on his life effect his feelings for the wackadoodle? What is going on behind that inscrutable face?

And what about Graham? Is the obvious overplaying of his hand just a lure to draw the doctor out? If the series stays true to form, we won’t know what hit us until the very end.

Body parts consumed this week: Kidney pie, baked with a crust charmingly shaped like Graham’s face mask.

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How do I cook that? Steak and kidney pie: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/steak-and-kidney-pie-recipe.html 

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5 out of 5