Grimm’s deadliest Wesen

From the Hund-Jager to the Mauvais Dentes, prepare to meet seven of the deadliest Wesen in the Grimm world…

Let’s face it, few are the Wesen you’d be happy to meet fully woged in a dark alley. These chaps though, are the worst of the lot. A tempest of teeth, fangs, claws and beaks, this scary bunch are the Wesen death squad.

Those “bad ones” Aunt Marie urged Nick to hunt down and stop? Here are the Wesen she was talking about…


“Nasty. Short-tempered. Prone to violent outbursts. Fiercely protective of their offspring.”

If you thought a badger-based Wesen would be chums with the non-threatening beaver and mouse variety, you’ve been reading too much The Wind In The Willows (saying that, Kenneth Grahame’s Badger did live in the Wild Woods, making him kind of a badass). No, the Drang-Zorn can be a vicious breed, but not, interestingly, in their adult form.

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As we saw in season two’s The Bottle Imp, while a fully grown Drang-Zorn has a short-temper, they’re more likely to hide in their self-dug setts than take on an opponent. The young ones though? Natural born killers. When a Drang-Zorn woges prematurely, the child Wesen is unable to control its rage and becomes homicidal towards anyone who antagonises it. The take-home message from this: don’t take candy from a Drang-Zorn baby.


“One of the oldest known Wesen. Escaping this creature’s grip is virtually impossible.”

Season three’s Cold-Blooded introduced us to the Gelumcaedus, an ancient species of sewer-dwelling Wesen historically hired to protect the aqueducts of classical Rome. Alligator-like in appearance and strength, the Gelumcaedus are fond of limb-removal, and able to rip off arms and legs with the ease of “pulling taffy”.

If you manage to keep your limbs intact when facing a Gelumcaedus, then it’s the ultra-strong grip ‘n’ shake move you need to worry about. Give these Wesen a chance and they’ll hold you still and rattle you like a maraca until your bones break and your blood is places it shouldn’t go. Unless you’re one of the other Wesen on this list, or in possession of the Burkhardt family vambrace, running is your best option.


“Widely feared amongst Wesen, even Blutbaden. It’s rumoured that they eat their mothers from inside the womb.”

You don’t see that on One Born Every Minute.

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What better Wesen to choose as a deadly enforcer of the Royal Family’s Verrat than the Hundjäger? Like the Blutbad and the Coyotl, the Hundjäger is from the canine branch of the Wesen family tree, so come with the enhanced tracking powers, sense of smell and razor-sharp teeth you’d expect. What really makes these Wesen deadly though, is their enthusiasm for firearms.

You’ve heard of bringing a gun to a knife fight? The Hundjäger bring guns, pointy teeth, brute strength, speed and a wanton disregard for the sanctity of life. If you’re stood there facing all that with just a knife in your hand, face facts, you’re a goner.

We’ve seen Hundjägers in action a number of times in Grimm, but they made the biggest impression in season two’s Season Of The Hexenbiest as the four assassins accompanying Adalind in her search for Nick’s key. As we saw in that episode, they’re deadly, yes, but nothing a Grimm and his Blutbad buddy can’t cope with.


“So dangerous that even Blutbaden fear them, their name is enough to invoke fear in other Wesen.”

The King Cobra-like Konigschlange boasts the physiological weaponry you’d expect from its animal kingdom namesake, i.e. sharp fangs, poisonous toxin, and faster-than-fast reflexes. Combine that with their strength and sadistic nature, and the Konigschlange makes for one deadly Wesen.

Granted, Hank was able to dispatch one in Over My Dead Body with a bullet, but had he not intervened, Arbok the Konigschlange had Nick very much on the ropes.

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Known to be highly suspicious creatures, the serpent-like Konigschlange find employ amongst the shadier parts of the Grimm community, and are paid for their sense-detection skills by other Wesen, the ones, that is, who aren’t terrified of them.


“Ruthless, dedicated and dangerous hunters who have been known to track their prey over hundreds of miles.”

As is the case with several of the deadlier Wesen, it’s less the Raub-Kondor’s abilities – which are admittedly considerable – but more its single-minded pursuit of wealth, disregard for other Wesen’s welfare and horrible tenacity that merit it a place amongst these cold-blooded killers. These bird-of-prey Wesen are known as some of the most dangerous hunters in the entire Grimm world.

We met our first Raub-Kondor in season two’s Endangered, which saw it tracking a poor family of Gluhenvolk to skin them for their valuable pelts. Having converted its trailer into a makeshift butcher’s shop, the blue-eyed hunter was ready to kill and skin not only the parents, but the newborn Gluhenvolk baby. Nick, Monroe and Rosalee put a stop to that and sent the rare threesome safely on their way, but not before the Raub-Kondor had established itself as one of the most dangerous and conscience-free killers in the Wesen world.


“Natural fighters who are at least twice as strong as a Blutbad. When they taste human or Wesen flesh, they become savage and barbaric killers.”

It’s not the tears you need to watch out for with this crocodile-type Wesen, but its powerful jaws and taste for flesh. On a good vegetarian day, a Skalenzahne can live peaceably amongst humans and other Wesen, but the moment these beasts swallow a chunk of flesh, they transform into crazed killers.

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With extremely sharp teeth and strong reptilian claws, the meat-crazed Skalenzahane is very, very difficult to kill. They’re covered in a thick scaly skin, heal supernaturally quickly and are thought to have almost no physical weaknesses. See for yourself in season one’s Last Grimm Standing, which saw Monroe and Nick face one in an illegal underground Wesen fighting ring. In that instance, Nick vectored over the killer-croc, but the match was certainly no cake-walk for the Grimm.

Mauvais Dentes

“Smart, swift, and deadly as hell. The Mauvais Dentes is a cat-like vicious killing machine, with any single one having the ability to wipe out an entire village.”

When Grimm’s Seven Royal Families need some particularly tricky wetworks done, it’s to the Mauvais Dentes they turn, and for good reason. This particular species of Wesen has earned its place at the top of this list by establishing a reputation for single-handed mass murder. According to Grimm ancestry, these killing machines are famed for being able to wipe out an entire village all on their lonesome.

In season two opener Bad Teeth, Nick had his first confrontation with a Mauvais Dentes, a sabre-toothed cat-like Wesen which is as smart as it is vicious. After massacring a container-full of people, this one went in pursuit of Nick and Ma Burkhardt, coming very close to killing the pair of them before a last-minute knife from Kelly saw the creature off.

Now we’ve looked at Grimm’s most legendary, disgusting, adorable and deadly Wesen, it’s time to go in-depth. Next time, we put the Blutbad under the microscope…

Grimm season 3 currently airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on WATCH in the UK (Sky TV 109 & Virgin TV 124).

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