Grimm’s most adorable Wesen

From beaver people to peace-loving turtles, we take a look at Grimm’s non-threatening Wesen species, aka the adorable ones…

It’s not all acid-spitting, organ harvesting and baby-eating in the Wesen world. Some Wesen are simply peace-loving folk looking for a quiet life. These are the creatures whose fur and feathers are for affectionately ruffling, not running through with medieval weapons or shooting with poison-filled elephant guns.

They’re the kinds of Wesen who’d bake you a pie and repair your refrigerator, not desiccate your corpse and bury your bones in a pit. Simply put, they’re the Wesen who don’t want any trouble. Unfortunately for them, trouble has a habit of finding you when you live in the same city as a Grimm.

Here are seven of Grimm’s most adorable, non-threatening creatures. The emergency puppies of the Wesen world…


“Mouse creature with beady eyes, whiskers jutting out from a pointed nose and oversized teeth. Very timid, often afraid of its own shadow”

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Not the bravest of Wesen, these mouse-like fellows are named for their “mouse-hearted” timid natures. Like their real-life counterparts, when threatened they’re more likely to scurry into a hiding place than stay and fight, which, given their lack of strength and physiological weaponry, is really the most sensible course of action. So quiet-living and confrontation-avoiding are the Mauzhertz in fact, that there’s no mention of them in Aunt Marie’s book of lore, as no previous Grimm had deemed their existence worth recording.

More prey than predator, the Mauzhertz is the preferred snack of the brutish Lausenschlange snake-like Wesen, who are anything but adorable.



“A beaver-like creature harmless in both nature and appearance with recognisably large buckteeth”

Furry critters who, like the Mauzhertz, are more flight than fight, the Eisbiber are a community-minded democratic race. This lot are non-violent and docile, and happy to fulfil the Wesen Code by blending in to human life and not drawing attention to their Wesen ways.

The construction workers and fix-it guys of the Wesen world, the Eisbiber are helpful, timid sorts. They’re sociable too, and live as part of lodges, respecting group traditions and ways of life. Nick’s ancestors aside, the main threat to Eisbiber existence is the Hässlichen troll-like bridge-fancying Wesen, who oppressed the Portland Eisbiber for years.

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The Eisbiber are also the people of one of Grimm’s most adorable recurring characters, Bud (Danny Bruno) the refrigerator repairman who stumbled upon Nick’s secret in season one and aroused Juliette’s suspicion about her not-quite fiancé. Initially terrified of the Grimm, Bud and his curious lodge attempted to appease him with a volley of home-made gifts. It doesn’t get much more adorable than a crochet and baked goods offensive.



“An otter-like creature that is passionate, creative, and enjoys working with its hands. They come off as friendly, but if attacked, they have a vicious bite”.

Granted, the little we’ve seen of the Luisant-Pêcheur on Grimm so far doesn’t show the species in the best of lights. Season two’s Kiss Of The Muse introduced us to a Luisant-Pêcheur driven to murder under the influence of a treacherous Musai Wesen’s spell. When they’re not intoxicated by Musai magic however, all signs point towards these furry otter-like creatures being docile, friendly and relatively harmless.

Unlike the down-to-earth practicality of the Eisbiber, the Luisant-Pêcheur are an artier crowd. Anton, the otter-man we met in season two was an artist and painter driven mad with love for his muse.

With their pudgy cheeks, furry faces and elegant whiskers, the Luisant-Pêcheur (which translates as shining fisherman in French) were a shoo-in for inclusion in this list of adorable Wesen.

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“Owl creatures with huge eyes allowing them to see into locks and the mechanisms inside. This ability makes them perfect ‘keymasters’”

We know very little about the Scharfblicke Wesen, having met just one so far in Grimm. With those eyes and that feathered face though, what else do we need to know? These Wesen are certifiably adorable (as long, we presume, as you’re not a Mauzhertz). They get an extra tick in the adorable column thanks to the one who Monroe, in season one’s Bad Hair Day, remembered being endearingly self-conscious about his beak.

In season three’s Face Off, Captain Renard used the extremely sharp eyesight of a Scharfblicke to help him gain access to Nick’s trailer. Breaking into cars in the dead of night isn’t exactly white-hat behaviour from the Scharfblicke, but they’re cute enough to be given the benefit of the doubt at this stage. As long as you’re not spitting acid into people’s faces and sucking out their bone marrow, you’re on the side of the angels as far as Wesen go.



“These bird-like creatures were once kept in captivity and farmed for the golden stone their bodies produce. So rare, the Seltenvogel is thought by many Wesen to be extinct”

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Seltenvogel are so cute-looking that if The Thing With Feathers hadn’t been such a serious season one episode, taking in themes of domestic violence and abuse as it did, it would have been hard not to grin whenever Robin showed up in her Wesen form. Look at her; she’s like Big Bird’s more adorable baby sister.

Based on the story of The Goose Who Laid The Golden Egg, Grimm’s Seltenvogel produce a golden stone in their gullet, something that makes them valuable prey for predators like The Thing With Feathers’ Klaustreich. After centuries of enslavement and farming by other Wesen, the species has become weak and unable to defend itself. Enter one Nick Burkhardt, defender of the vulnerable…



“A sheep-like creature who usually exists as one of a flock. Like Mellifers, they like to stay close together and typically aren’t the violent types unless one of their flock is threatened.”

Another docile, community-spirited group, this one, the Seelengut are white fluffy creatures who wouldn’t look out of place in their Wesen form on an Easter greetings card.

We met the Seelengut in season two episode, The Good Shepherd, which saw them being taken advantage of by a manipulative Blutbaden posing as their reformed preacher – the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. Though non-violent and usually harmless, the Seelengut live in flocks which gives them the advantage of number over an attacker. See what happened to the good preacher once they realised what his game was and then decide how harmless they really are. They’re still utterly adorable though. It’s those ears.

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Genio Innocuo

“A rare tortoise-like Wesen known for being shy and reclusive. They are also found to be intelligent, compassionate, and thoroughly non-violent”

The Genio Innocuo is the only scaled Wesen to make it into the ranks of Grimm’s adorable, which, when you consider the nasty lizards, snakes and dragons with which it shares its reptilian appearance, comes as little surprise.

These shy tortoise-like creatures are entirely docile (even their name translates as “harmless”) so much so in fact, that a geneticist Genio Innocuo spliced her son’s DNA with that of a more aggressive species of Wesen – the Löwen – to make him less of a pushover. That backfired spectacularly, though judging by the Genio Innocuo’s sad history, you can sort of see where she was coming from.

Nick faces some colonial guilt in season two episode, The Other Side, when he discovers an entry from a Grimm ancestor documenting the species during a voyage with Charles Darwin to the Galapagos Islands. “I found them to be intelligent, compassionate and thoroughly non-violent”, Nick’s ancestor wrote, “which made the dispatching of them quite easy”. It’s enough to make you wonder who the bad guys really are…

Next time, we take a look at Grimm‘s deadliest Wesen…

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