Grimm: Trial by Fire Review

Grimm season 4 episode 13 drops on Friday The 13th like a scorpion in the dark. Here is our review.

“And glory like the phoenix midst her fires, Exhales her odours, blazes and expires.”

This episode was filled with tests and trials, however the central storyline focused on an idealistic father and his heir to the family business. The father and Nick weren’t so different because they both have ignored subtle and obvious signs of their loved ones’ distress.

The father wanted what all well-meaning parents want for their kids, a better life than what they have had. The trouble with that line of thinking is that some children don’t want what their parents want for them, resulting in hurt feelings and broken bridges.

My mind wandered to the date, Friday the 13th, and the movie franchise of the same name. It wasn’t lost on me that the scene of the crime took place in a camping goods store with two innocent lovers, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also picked up on the nod toward Valentine’s Day that was ultimately tragic. I think it was lazy writing to have the young boy break the office window with fire raging through the store. Everyone knows that oxygen feeds a fire; at least have them cover themselves in a fireproof blanket.

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Nick, for all his restored Grimm powers, is blinder than a mythical Stygian witch without her magical eye. How might viewers explain Juliette’s takedown of the scorpion creature in last week’s episode without resorting to an exaggerated theatrical wink stage left? Coupled with viewer disbelief, Nick ought to have questioned his small-statured redhead on what actually happened. The scorpion had killed three Wesens before going to Nick & Juliette’s house. The Grimm writers alone are responsible for this glaring script omission.

Back to tonight’s episode. Nick informed Juliette of Adalind’s return and she’s unperturbed. I’m not suggesting Nick ought to have interrogated her because of the slight uptick in her confidence, however he knows what a Hexanbiest can do. 

Renard’s foot soldier isn’t loyal, perhaps he’s holding a grudge or wanted more money than is currently being offered. Are the writers setting him up for a future showdown with the captain or his Nick’s mother for the betrayal? Nick and Renard needn’t be clairvoyant like Henrietta, which would go against their intended strong, silent and dashing leading men portrayals. I want more realistic characters and scenes within and just beyond Grimm‘s fictional world. I don’t want to lower my expectations for this show, however I might have to accept that the scenarios that play out in my imagination won’t appear on screen.

The redeeming moment tonight was Juliette and Adalind’s fight, which happened far too late in the episode. Imagine two archenemies from a 1980s primetime soap opera with supernatural powers, and that’s what we experienced, minus the gaudy shoulder pads. I was surprised by what transpired, and chuckled when Juliette said, “Bring it on, bitch!” I rewound the DVR several times as the more powerful Juliette tossed a shocked Adalind about her house. It felt similar to watching a schoolyard bully being subdued and eventually scurrying away with her tail between her legs. Juliette said, “Is that all you’ve got?” to Adalind as she fled from the living room. For the sake of the show, I hope not. I’ll be happy if the writers are able to sustain that level of tension throughout the remainder of the season.

Enter Nick with the unmistakable proof that something isn’t ‘right’ with Juliette. Up until this point in the season, things could be ignored or rationalized, but the aftermath of the battle can’t be explained away.

Next week’s preview informs us that Adalind is pregnant again, and the last person she slept with was Nick. If Nick is the father, what will the child of a Grimm and Hexanbiest be? If she’s able to carry the baby term, viewers won’t see it until next season. I’m intrigued on how this complication will affect everyone, but I don’t foresee Nick’s mother allowing her to give birth to a hybrid.

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3 out of 5