Grimm Season 6 Episode 11 Review: Where the Wild Things Were

A little too much setup when Grimm is running out of time in its final season.

This Grimm review contains spoilers.

Grimm Season 6 Episode 11

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” – Ariel, The Tempest, William Shakespeare

With three episodes left, the writers have seemingly abandoned what could have been a mild diversion of Wesens having celestial origins, and placed it in an assortment of historical religious texts, books, and the Bible. “Where the Wild Things Were” focused on the prophecy of the Shaphat, a Hebrew word meaning child bride. The only child bride available is Diana.

After having been kept at arm’s length for the majority of the season, Renard is now being introduced to the accumulated research, knowledge and supposition by Team Grimm. He has a personal stake in the symbols, the tunnel and what resides in The Other Place. Will he able to save his daughter the skull creature?

Eve used blood magic last week to open a portal into a parallel dimension, and this week Nick used the magic stick to enter. It was a foolish decision on its own to travel solo with her reduced hexanbiest powers into an unknown world to combat what we come to discover is Grimm‘s version of the devil. She knew nothing of his agenda and abilities before making what might be an ill-advised revenge trip.

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Eve arrived unaware of her surroundings and its inhabitants, soon followed by Nick on what he thought would be a rescue and recover mission. Few things in life are simple, and less so on Grimm.

The Other Place appears to be medieval with an array of wild, cannibalistic Wesen and German-speaking humans who hunt, kill, and spit-roast Blutbaden for sustenance. Survival of the fittest is the prevailing law of the land, for the slow or weak perish and are eaten. Wesen in this realm roam free while humans live in spiked wooden encampments for protection from creatures lurking under the cover of night.

Viewers are meant to feel as unprepared through the looking glass as both Nick and Eve are with only a pistol and limited bullets between them. The plane of existence is slowly taking its toll on Eve with uncontrollable physical changes. Unforeseen consequences are just around the corner because Wesen here are in a constant wogued state. If Eve and Nick survive and make it back to Portland, it’s certain she’d be confined indoors if the elements of this world permanently transform her into a hexanbiest.

Back in present-day Portland, the remaining team brainstorms ways to bring back Nick and Eve. Adeline wants to volunteer, but she has her children to worry about, especially Diana. Dasha brings them up to date on the possible dangers of maintaining balance between dimensions, however she has more troubling news that she shares in Russian. There’s a prophecy that casts Diana as the coveted bride of the demon meant to birth one hundred children, and bring about the destruction of the world.

This episode felt like a setup for next week. The Zerstorer doesn’t kill Nick or Eve after he cornered them in what could double as Stonehenge. He instead brays and flings them about the outer reaches of the encircled sacrificial space. Eve and Nick entered this world easily, and have thus far survived from day into the night. The green-eyed devil has them where he wants them, yet doesn’t rip them to shreds with his enchanted staff. He needs them alive, perhaps to siphon their power and pull Diana into The Other Place to rule alongside him.


3 out of 5