Grimm: Death Do Us Part Review

Grimm attempts to scare us, but doesn't always hit its mark. Here's our review...

“He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began.”

Monroe and Rosalee are finally off on their tropical honeymoon after several false starts, last week’s failed tribunal and pitching in around Portland. Two new couples take center stage in tonight’s episode, encompassing the human, Wesen and supernatural realms. 

Amateur ghost hunters stake out an alleged haunted house in hopes of recording video proof of the other side. What happens instead was Wesen-related and not ghostly. Who and what we viewers expect is usually the opposite on Grimm. 

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I applaud the writers’ attempts over the last few seasons for aiming to be scary, however they might have missed the mark more times than not. All isn’t lost though, Grimm succeeds as a recorded live version of a spooky Scooby Doo episode. This isn’t an insult to the show, it’s strictly a comparison on how I’ve viewed and processed each episode this season.

The early episodes were tighter and better conceived, however over the years, the show has chugged along with middling writing, plots and acting. One of my first thoughts while viewing this installment was that it was imitative of one too many reality TV ghost hunting programs, with a small dash of The Blair Witch Project with its extreme close-ups.  

Viewers are meant to experience fear as each of the three ghost hunters venture off solo and investigate different rooms and floors in the abandoned house. I’m no supernatural hunter, but I’d recommend sticking together. In the case of most shows in this genre, it usually works better if there are witnesses scarred by one or more of the initial group dying or being injured beyond recognition. Those left alive and in good physical health yowl or screech as scripted as if to cue viewers on how to respond.

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Infidelity and betrayal are at the heart of the ghost couple, and a less extreme,  although no less deadly omission, Juliette is keeping a secret from Nick that will alter their domestic bliss if it goes on for too long.

Elizabeth’s, Captain Renard’s mother, recent magical efforts have started to unravel for Juliette and her son. Who and what’s to blame for these reversals?

Gabrielle Beauvais guests as a powerful long-range mystic healer who will hopefully be able to correct the shortcomings in Elizabeth’s spell. As far Renard, we’ll have to wait and see if he’ll lapse back into a coma while his mother is out searching for her granddaughter.

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2 out of 5