Ghosts Will Soon Welcome More Specters To The Mansion

The stars of CBS series Ghosts, Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar, tease upcoming haunts for the comedy hit.

CBS Ghosts - New Ghost
Photo: CBS

The hauntings are just beginning at CBS. Last week the network announced that new series Ghosts would be scaring up laughs for a second season. Not that it would have a reason to exorcize the show considering the freshman hit has become the most-watched broadcast TV comedy for the season with an average of 8.216 million total viewers.

Adapted by Joe Port and Joe Wiseman from the British series of the same name, Ghosts revolves around young couple Sam and Jay, played by Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar, who inherit an old estate with designs on opening it as a bed-and-breakfast, only to find they are roomies with a haunted mansion worth of specters. Only Sam can see and speak with them, but Jay gives it his best shot to be supportive of the resident spirits while also being a good husband.

The show, which airs on CBS Thursdays at 9 p.m./8 p.m. central, as well as on the Paramount+ platform, is currently in reruns following its 13th episode on Jan. 20, where a nasty spirit (played by reliable comedian Matt Walsh) makes his introduction. And there is an entire second half of a season to look forward to when Ghosts returns Feb. 24.

But you needn’t wait for a tease of the Ghosts stories yet to come. In a recent livestream interview for Den of Geek’s new paranormal pop culture show Talking Strange, McIver, Ambudkar, Port, and Wiseman joined to talk about the show — and hint at some upcoming plotlines involving a new ghost in the house, Viking therapy, and a certain ghost’s missing trousers. Read ahead to learn more, and don’t miss the full Talking Strange interview, embedded below, and check out the Talking Strange podcast on Apple and Spotify.

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Ghost in the attic

Joe Port: “In an upcoming episode, we discover Odessa … It’s not a discovery to the ghosts, but it’s a discovery to Jay and Sam that this young girl who got killed on her prom night in 1987 is a ghost that lives in the attic. She is roused from her slumber. Because she is a teen ghost, she tends to sleep a lot so she sleeps for months on end. We haven’t seen her yet, but she is roused when Jay goes up to the attic to get some stuff from storage and makes a lot of commotion. She comes down, and is a bit of an adversary for Sam.”

Utkarsh Ambudkar: “She’s the young, new, cool kid on campus.”

Rose McIver: “Who Sam is desperate to be liked by.”

The introduction of Odessa leads to a prom on the series, which Ambudkar calls “really sweet.” 

The Trevor trouser mystery

Joe Port: “The fan base and cast are very interactive on social media. One thing that just kept coming up is everyone would ask what happened to Trevor’s pants. It is the number one question I get.”

Joe Wiseman: “It’s a really fun episode that not only answers the question in a fun way but also provides insight into Trevor’s character and learning something surprising about him as well.”

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Utkarsh Ambudkaf: “The reason Trevor lost his pants is going to surprise a lot of people and be very endearing to a lot of our audience who loves that character in the same way that Roman Zaragoza’s character Sasappis when we delve into his backstory, we’re really touched by the humanness these ghosts possess.”

A Viking goes into Thor-apy

Utkarsh Ambudkar: “Just wait until Thor goes to therapy. A Viking sitting in therapy using the modern tools of our day to get through his trauma. And you can imagine, as a Viking, he’s got a lot of it.”

What’s to Come

Rose McIver: “I’m excited for Flower’s free love. We start to enjoy some potential dynamics that come up. I’m really looking forward to people seeing that. [Sheila Carrasco] is just a brilliant actor, and we’re really going to tap into the magic of Flower in these coming episodes.”

Utkarsh Ambudkar: “I think you’re going to learn more about Sasappis and Thorfinn, and we’ll deep dive on Trevor. The ghosts get a real chance to shine on the back half of the season, and then prom was really sweet, too. I really enjoyed that. That was fun”

Joe Wiseman: “I’m going to cheat and say I’m excited for them to find out what happened to Trevor’s pants. I think they’ll be really happy with that episode.

Joe Port: “I’m excited for people to see the finale we’re filming right now, and how that’s going to launch into the second season.”

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Will Jay and Sam promote the BnB as haunted when it opens?

Joe Wiseman: “The first season is heading towards them opening up the BnB at the end. So that’s a very interesting thing they can deal with, and discuss, and debate, and have fun with in Season Two.”

Joe Port: “That’s an interesting discussion for them to have. That sounds like a good episode.”

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