Ghost Wars Canceled at Syfy After Single Season

The quirky story about aggressive hauntings in small town Alaska will not continue on Syfy as Ghost Wars gets the axe after only one season.

Syfy has ended the haunting of the remote reaches of Alaska by canceling its freshman supernatural series, Ghost Wars. The show had quite favorable buzz from its small viewership, reaching 74% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but it just wasn’t enough to get the show renewed. Featuring episodic content that was anything but the typical ghost stories, Ghost Wars had a reputation for upending audience expectations about what was really going on.

Ghost Wars, which is still available and eminently watchable in its 13-episode form on Netflix worldwide, told the story of psychic and local outcast, Roman Mercer, who attempted to break through the townspeople’s prejudices regarding his abilities while being the only one who could save them from the increasingly bizarre spiritual attacks that took many different forms. The series was produced by Nomadic Pictures, the same company that works with Syfy on Van Helsing, and Continuum creator Simon Barry lent his talents to both shows.

The show’s appeal can best be described by executive producer Dennis Heaton, who colorfully told Digital Trends back at San Diego Comic Con in 2017, “Ghost stories are very personal, very intimate events. Each episode has a very unique, individualized ghost story that gets traveled through and completed and those events feed into that character’s attitude as they go forward through the bigger problem of the series, which is we got motherfuckin’ ghosts.”

Sadly, guys, we no longer got no motherfuckin’ ghosts.

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