Future Sex Anthology Series Arrives on Blackpills

Blackpills continues its slate of edgy programming with Future Sex, a cyberpunk exploration of technology and sex.

How will technology influence our sex lives in the coming years when AI and androids may be commonplace? Future Sex, the short form anthology series now available Blackpills, the French digital media studio, asks that very question. The app-based streaming service’s original content is known for its high concept, mature storytelling, but this series will also show the light-hearted side of the future of technology and carnal pleasure. With its Bangkok setting and neon grittiness, Future Sex feels like a lusty, cyberpunk Black Mirror.

Featuring five stand-alone incisive, futuristic stories that explore techno-sexual interactions in the future, Future Sex is a forward-looking anthology with stories that tap into the collective unknown about sex in the future. Each episode features its own cast of unique characters exploring what’s to come for humanity’s favorite pasttime. Take a look at the undeniably enticing trailer for this anthology series starting June 4, 2018.

The following trailer contains nudity and sexual situations.

Future Sex comes from the mind of writer Hank Woon and will be directed by the team of Mac & Zac. The series is part of a lineup being produced by Stephan Zlotescu’s Punk City, Scott Glassgold’s Ground Control, and H1’s H1FILMS, which also includes shows like the post-apocalypse of Tokyo Red, the zombie mystery of Isolated, the corporate satire of Product Wars, and the AI trial of Same Rights.

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When we spoke to Glassgold last year about the lineup, he knew the anthology series concept of Future Sex would have to be meaningful as well as entertaining. “As we’re exploring the storylines, it’s important to us to make sure we have something to say within each piece whether it’s drilling down on what that allegory is for how tech is affecting us today and projecting that into the future,” he said of the series. “There are pieces in there that will be light-hearted as well; it’s not all gloom and doom and being detached, but there’s a nice gamut to play with.”

Future Sex is available to view on Blackpills, an app available for free in the App Store and Google Play. Be sure to check out our interview below with producers Stephan Zlotescu and Scott Glassgold during development for this and other projects, including the adaptation of True Skin.

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