DuckTales Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Louie’s Eleven!

DuckTales delights in an episode that is stuffed full of returning characters and the introduction of perhaps our new favorite, Daisy.

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 5: Louie's Eleven
Photo: Disney

This DUCKTALES review contains spoilers.

Before I write about anything else I have to exclaim, how amazing is Daisy Duck? Her design, her look, her personality, her voice! Tress Macneille is a legend in the voice over business and you can see why they wanted her on  DuckTales. Every word that comes out of Daisy’s mouth makes you love her. Macneille expertly crafts a full character (obviously aided by the work of the writers and animators) and gives her multiple layers. Every line Daisy delivered made me smile.

How dare DuckTales give me another character to love! How dare DuckTales give me a character who now has to battle for screen time with dozens of other characters I love. How dare DuckTales have so many great characters I have to go to war within myself about which ones I want to see more of. Damn you, DuckTales! How can you overcome this problem?

Oh, just have a TON OF THEM show up in one episode.

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DuckTales has done a lot of legwork to build up its cast of characters and this episode just delights in unleashing as many as it can in one big and zany adventure.  Of course any adventure that involves a scheme has to have Louie at the center and this kid is on the top of his game. Utilizing everyone from Gyro, Webby, Huey, Manny (in perhaps his most glorious moment), and even a worker from Funzo’s! This plan that he somehow already had ready to go (he’s just that good) is to help Donald, Panchito, and José get noticed by a famous blogger.

Thrown into the mix though is Dewey, desperate for attention as normal. His conflict with Louie, who doesn’t want him messing up his big plan, forms the main emotional core of the episode and it’s great to see these two get to lock horns. Louie thinks Dewey is annoying as hell and wish he’d just go away but of course in the end Dewey is the one who gets them all out of trouble.

It’s nothing deep but this episode is clearly just having fun with all the characters. DuckTales has made it all the way to season three and it’s going to just delight in letting everyone bounce off each other. As much as I adore deeper character explorations it’s also great to just let everyone have some fun, get a little mad at each other, then come together for a big action climax. Fun episodes like this work better when you have so many people in the mix.

Plus, not going too in-depth on Dewey and Louie allowed us more time for Daisy! As I mentioned earlier, she’s great but mostly because of how she reacts to Donald. There’s a smidge of annoyance at first but very quickly the two start to bond. When she hears Donald sing however (how great was that song?), that’s when you know these two are meant for each other. While the rest of the world hears Donald’s voice as the wailing that it is, Daisy hears something more magnificent and beautiful. It’s not that she has her hearing tuned differently or anything, she just really digs Donald and when you dig someone? You might even enjoy their flaws, as Daisy does here. Plus, she can understand what he says, has similar anger flare ups, and kicks just as much butt! What if I just rewrite this review and it was nothing but six hundred words of how I love Daisy now? I could do that!

But hey, we do learn more about Mark Beaks! His obsession with fame and celebrity makes more sense now that we know who is mom is. Also he’s willing to rob her just to get more famous. Gotta admit, Glamora did that one to herself.

This episode was just a blast. The little details, like Louie’s pictures on his planning board, Webby’s interaction with the Funzo’s employee, Huey’s calligraphy, the Harpy, the synth track as Dewey showed off his skills, they’re all great! Plus, hot damn, the animation team really keeps outdoing themselves. They add so much character and personality to every damn shot. My hat goes off to them.

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This episode left a huge smile on my face just like Daisy’s as she watches Donald at the end. DuckTales is a delight and if the only major problem is that I now have ANOTHER character to love then this show is doing damn amazing.

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better

-“That’s the fourth rich guys bathroom we’ve been kicked out of.”

-“Internet fame. The most important fame of all.”

-“Ugh, why was I cursed to be so flashy and unforgettable.”

-“Our brotherhood is the greatest scheme of all!”


4 out of 5