DuckTales Season 2 Episode 15 Review: The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!

Even with a middle of the road episode, the characters of DuckTales elevate it immensely.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Season 2 Episode 15

DuckTales’ characters make you FEEL. That sounds like an obvious statement but connecting with an anthropomorphized duck person isn’t easy! Thankfully with the fantastic voice acting of the likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the top-notch writing, and gorgeous animation, you forget these are ducks that don’t wear pants.

Hell, you don’t even question how a dude is a superhero on what’s basically a robot unicycle. You can suspend your disbelief because at the core of a character like Fenton there are feelings you can empathize with. You may not have ever built your own superhero armor (although I’m sure the fine readers of Den of Geek are capable of such things) but we can all understand wanting to be seen as more than just one thing.

For Fenton it’s wanting to be more than just Gizmoduck. Not only is it a huge time suck but also he doesn’t get to be himself. He doesn’t really know how to be himself. Look at his date with Gandra. It takes him a little while to realize he should just be as geeky about his science as he normally is instead of trying to guess what she’d like. 

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Even when he thinks it’s going well he discovers all Gandra wanted was the Gizmoduck suit. It’s a crushing blow, especially when he thought he’d finally found someone who liked him for who he was. Okay, Huey likes Fenton for who he is but he’s like ten. Fenton needs some adult friends/dates! Thankfully Fenton doesn’t let Gandra’s betrayal get him down. He keeps on keeping on and that’s why we love him.

I love that we can read so much into Fenton’s character without sacrificing the wackier aspects that make him part of the DuckTales universe. The people behind the series are treating him (and the show’s universe) with complete sincerity and that’s just one of the reasons why DuckTales is so good. 

The character work for Fenton really carries this episode. Everything with the Gandra Dee and Mark Beaks plot was okay but it just made me want more of Fenton. Mark Beaks is okay in small doses but his “obsessed with his phone” shtick can wear thin at times. Although I’ve got to admit the ultimate resolution of him not being able to check his phone was pretty damn clever. That and the joke/hilarious revelation he’s got some major daddy issues.

Gandra Dee is an intriguing addition for the show I hope we get more of. I was intrigued by her dismissal of being funded by millionaires only for it to be revealed she was working for Mark Beaks. There’s something deeper there that could be explored in future episodes.

Huey and Webby were of course delightful and holy crap, Huey can sing! I mean that kid can BELT IT. Where was he hiding those pipes? Do they teach that in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook? For that matter, what kind of dates has Launchpad been on? What is this man’s secret life?

Even with an average plot the DuckTales characters can always be counted on to elevate it immensely. When you’ve got great characters sometimes just watching them live their lives is more than enough.

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DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better

– “You need something more formal. Like a tux. Ooo, or a fancy cloak!!!”

– “Oh, if that girl breaks your heart? I will personally hunt her down and dismantle her life. Piece by piece.”

– “How do you get anything done with all this moody Italian décor?”

– “Shall we science?”

– “What kind of monster doesn’t like glazed donuts?”

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– “There’s nothing in the romance chapter about SPIES!!!!!”

– “I never actually caught a ball before. Well, who’s a loser now COACH DAD?!”

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3 out of 5