DuckTales Season 2 Episode 10 Review: The 87 Cent Solution!

DuckTales returns to its 'how wealth corrupts' arc and since that involves Glomgold you know it'll be good.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Season 2 Episode 10

There’s two ways to read this DuckTales episode. One is as a fun wacky whodunit outing with Glomgold still being the best villain on television (perhaps the best character on television?) The other is as a continuation of the plot arc that began in ‘The Ballad of Duke Baloney!’ about how wealth corrupts. Both ways involve Glomgold so no matter what we’re in for a great time.

I say you can look at it two ways because I admit the plot arc from that previous episode may have just been me reading too far into it. In that review I theorized Glomgold’s whole character arc was about how wealth corrupts. That Scrooge was the one who turned Glomgold into what he is, that greed can bring out the worst in you and others.

Here we see a return to that. Glomgold doesn’t just want to steal from Scrooge, he wants to make him suffer. He wants to drive him past the brink of madness. It’s all covered in jokes but he wants to kill Scrooge to best him. All because Scrooge paid him a dime instead of the full dollar he owed him all those years ago. It’s a shame Glomgold didn’t steal 90 cents because that would have made this all wrap together perfectly.

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Scrooge though is moving away from those things that once corrupted him. He’s still obsessed with his money but just before he teeters over the edge, he stops himself. He listens to his family. He works with them to expose Glomgold. He’s nowhere near ready to makeup for his original sin because we need at least ten more seasons out of DuckTales so this plot can simmer for a while.

Should Scrooge try to makeup for what we did to Glomgold so long ago? Has Glomgold done enough that he doesn’t deserve it? What’s the point Scrooge wasn’t responsible for Glomgold’s actions? These are deep ethical questions I would love to see DuckTales tackle in the future with as many jokes as possible. 

Or hey, maybe this episode was all done just to have Glomgold bust in wearing that sweet outfit with DJ Khaled’s ‘All I Do Is Win’ blaring. Honestly it really was all worth it just for that. Glomdgold explaining the whole plot in the classic whodunit format could have been tedious but come on, it’s Glomgold. Legit anything that guy does is stellar.

No matter how you look at it, this was a solid entry for DuckTales. The animation, especially on Glomgold, was delightful. You can tell everyone loves working on him because it shows in every single frame he’s on screen. It must be a challenge not to write him into all the episodes because he’s truly the breakout character of the series. Long may he scheme.

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better 

– “The Beagle Boys were at Con Con. The Convicts Convention.”

– “Last week he bought a country to save on foreign postage!”

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– “Et tu, Headless Man Horse?”

– “Help me up onto his casket so I can dance on it!”

– “What? You’re alive? As a horse?!”

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3.5 out of 5