DuckTales Season 2 Episode 1 Review: The Most Dangerous Game… Night!

The DuckTales season opener sets a mission statement for the second season.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Season 2 Episode 1

‘The Most Dangerous Game… Night!’ isn’t what I expected from a season premiere of DuckTales. Traditionally season premieres are times for big action set pieces or huge reveals. Plots are set in motion, new characters introduced, it might even be the first of a multi parter. This episode instead is lower key, offering a more subdued (for DuckTales anyway) adventure.

At first I found it a little underwhelming. I wasn’t exactly sure what the story was going for. Louie’s avoidance of adventuring was a great gag but felt more like a B plot than something that would be the major focus of the episode. However as the episode went on things started to fall into place, although it took awhile to get there. It was the mirror of the Dewey and Webby plot that really made it all click.

This episode was about finding your place in the family. Dewey and Webby are realizing their friendship is more than that; it’s like a familial bond. They won’t always agree or be in perfect sync but that’s fine, family doesn’t have to be like that. As much as DuckTales can be extremely sentimental about the values of family, I’m glad it also takes time to show it isn’t always perfect and flawless. Sometimes you get annoyed or don’t quite jive with the ones you love.

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Through that lens Louie’s plot carries more weight. Louie isn’t trying to avoid finding his place in the family, not at first. From much of the episode he’s avoiding the thought. It’s such a big issue he’s afraid to face it, like how Dewey and Webby were reluctant to accept they weren’t always in perfect sync.

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Not having a place in the family dynamic is tough, especially in one that’s grown this close over the past year. Last season everyone was slowly learning to become a family. Now they’ve got to learn how to be a part of that family. To find their place. To figure out what they’re good at and how they jive with everyone else. It’s a great mission statement for the second season, digging deeper into family dynamics will let us get a deeper peak into all the characters minds and desires.

Louie figures out his part in the family could be planning, making things a little less hectic on these wild adventures. It perfectly fits his slacker attitude and delightfully leads to him opening his own “company.”

I still think the episode was a tad on the slow side and not quite up to the very high standard DuckTales has set for itself but it still holds promise for the future. What the episode possibly represents for the season as a whole, finding your place in the family, is what really has me excited. Hopefully we can dive even deeper into that idea in the next few episodes. 

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better 

– “This needs to stop!”“I’ve tried but they really do enjoy harmonizing.”

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 – “Oh yes, Green Nephew.” 

– “We could conque-, I mean EXPLORE!” 

– “Launchpad has crashed so many times I think he’s immortal!”

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2.5 out of 5