DuckTales Return Date Announced, Including an Hour-Long Darkwing Duck Event

DuckTales will finally return this fall, with a Halloween episode...and a special Darkwing Duck event!

Let’s get dangerous. After a hiatus only made longer due to the ongoing COVID-19, Disney’s new DuckTales series is finally coming back! We last left the family in a wrestling themed episode and can only imagine what could come next. Thankfully we not only know the return dates for the episode but the episode titles as well.

Co-executive producer Frank Angones shared a graphic with all the dates and titles, which included…

9/21: The Phantom and the Sorceress!

9/28: They Put a Moonlander On The Earth!

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10/5: The Trickening! (Halloween Episode)

10/12: The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!

10/19: Let’s Get Dangerous! (Hour-long Episode)

10/26: Escape From The Impossibin!

Those are all incredible titles but the one that instantly caught our attention was the “Let’s Get Dangerous!” hour-long episode. In the replies to his tweet Angeles said the episode would be a “DARKWING DUCK EVENT.”

DuckTales has already given us some fantastic Darkwing Duck moments so far, including a full episode dedicated to the character and setting up NegaDuck. In the new DuckTales TV universe Negaduck is an actor named Jim Starling who originally starred as Duckwing Duck in a TV series with the same name. He was presumed killed after a stage set explosion on a film version of Darkwing Duck. In the last moments we saw the character he swore vengeance on the actor playing Darkwing Duck in the new film, Drake Mallard, and his outfit had changed colors to those of the original Negaduck.

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If you’re a Darkwing Duck fan, you can’t miss this hour-long special. The new DuckTales has done a fantastic job paying homage to the Disney Afternoon shows of the past and we have no doubt this will go above and beyond expectations for all of the many Darkwing Duck fans out there. Maybe we’ll get to see a Negaduck/Darkwing confrontation. We know Gosalyn Mallard will appear in the show at some point, she was shown in the show’s last SDCC panel. Maybe she’ll finally make her triumphant introduction to the world of the new DuckTales.

The other episodes also sound delightful. We hope ‘They Put a Moonlander On The Earth’ especially will be a chance for Della Duck to shine. The other episodes are mysterious but it’s one we can’t wait to learn more about. DuckTales is an absolute joy and the sooner we get back in our lives, the better. Which of these episodes are you most looking forward to when DuckTales returns?