DuckTales Isn’t Just For Families, It’s About Family

Disney XD's reimagining of the iconic series is a family comedy where the family are the greatest adventures of all time.

Disney is priming DuckTales to be its next big hit. Promotion has been nonstop, especially with a huge presence at both San Diego Comic-Con and Disney’s own D23 Expo. While the series is drawing on DuckTales’ long history in both TV and comics form, it’s also being made to introduce a whole new generation to the Ducks characters.

Does that mean the series is only for kids though? Will there be anything for the older fans who grew up with DuckTales thirty years ago? According to Mrs. Beakley voice actress Toks Olagundoye the series is, “built for families to watch because it focuses on family.”

That family is certainly an odd one. You’ve got the triplets Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Donald Duck’s three nephews who he sends to live with their uncle, Scrooge McDuck. In this version they’ve never met Scrooge and will slowly learn about his past as the greatest adventurer of all time. Along for the ride is Scrooge’s housekeeper/bodyguard Mrs. Beakley, her granddaughter Webby, and Launchpad McQuack, Scrooge’s fearless chauffeur and personal pilot.

If that sounds zany, that’s what the creators intended. Executive producer Matt Youngberg and co-producer and story editor Francisco Angones wrote the series, “like a family comedy. The family just happens to be the greatest adventurers of all time.” 

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Angones specifically says the core of the show is “about a family. A real relatable family. It’s a big weird family with eight main characters and how they all get along. Every family has their alliances and rivalries and their family secrets.”

Some of those rivalries mentioned will involve Huey, Dewey, and Louie. According to Huey voice actor Danny Pudi, “Huey and Dewey will butt heads quite a bit. (Dewey’s) always trying to stick out and Huey’s lie, ‘we’re a team! We’re triplets! I don’t understand why you need to be an individual. It’s fine to be a part of the group!’ Huey also loves a plan while Dewey tends to do sort of his own thing.”

Ben Schwartz, who plays Dewey, says his character will compete with the others. “When it comes to adventure, I want to be the one that is showing them all what the heck is up.”

As for Louie, Pudi says both Huey and Dewey look at him and often think, “’what is Louie doing? What is he up to?’ Louie is sort of a wild card.” Schwartz adds on that Louie is, “just a laid back doesn’t want to do anything kind of guy. “

Pudi also hints that Donald Duck may not be a perfect uncle to the boys.

“Huey tends to sort of try to be the father figure that Donald is not being. So I think he looks at Donald as, ‘I need to help take care of things.’”

Webby, while not related to the boys, “love them like brothers” says Kate Micucci, who provides the voice of the unflappable and fierce adventurer. At first Webby will look up to the guys but will quickly start, “to hold her own as it goes along.”

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“She is one of them now. Their dynamic isn’t so much, ‘oh my gosh I’m a fan of you guys’ and she’s not the pesty little girl that follows. She’s definitely respected and an equal in a great way.”

Pudi says Huey is just, “completely confused by (Webby’s) behavior.”

Responding to a fan question on tumblr about whether Webby would be romantically paired up with any of the triplets, Francisco Angones flat out rejected the notion.

“This isn’t a show about romantic relationships. This is a show about family. Webby is treated as one of the siblings.”

Along with Mrs. Beakley providing support to the family there’s also Launchpad, who voice actor Beck Bennett describes as “a sweet guy. He doesn’t have a problem with anybody. Even with Mrs. Beakley. He gets on their nerves cause he’s always destroying things and getting things wrong but he loves everybody so much.”

Launchpad especially loves Scrooge since “he’s the reason (Launchpad) exists.” Pudi describes Huey’s relationship with Scrooge as an apprenticeship, or at least Huey sees it that way.

As the characters goes on these crazy adventures and grow closer as a familly, Schwartz hopes the series with its humor and Indiana Jones vibe will resonate with everyone who watches it.

“You have so many talented human beings lending themselves to these scripts that are incredibly written by Francisco and Matt and the whole writing team. It’s been very exciting. My hope is people will connect with it in an, ‘oh my god nostalgia’ way but also this is so funny and you get to watch exciting stuff.”

Bennett sees the series as perfect for both adults and kids simply because, “there’s more relatable comedy in it to someone of my generation. It really bridges the gap between younger viewers and viewers who may in their thirties or forties who watched [DuckTales] growing up. I think it does a really good job of bringing those together.”

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Toks Olagundoye sums up DuckTales as a realistic depiction of how families operate.

“One person will go a little left and there will be a little argument or someone will have to support someone in something they don’t want to support them in but will have to get them through it and in the end everyone comes back together because they all love each other.”

The new DuckTales begins with an hour-long episode that will air all day Saturday, August 12, on Disney XD. The series will then debut with two new episode Saturday, September 23.

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