DuckTales Episode 13 Review: McMystery at Mcduck McManor!

Even if the main plot doesn't hold your interest you can't deny the DuckTales characters are always a joy to watch.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Episode 13

The DuckTales characters are a joy to watch. They all bounce off each other in really unique ways. They’re like the wacky family you wish you had. It speaks to their strengths that dropping any of them in any situation will produce comedic gold. DuckTales could be a full on comedy if it really wanted but mixing adventure into the mix makes it even better.

The characters are so good in fact they help keep a rather mundane episode fairly enjoyable. After the last few knock out episodes this one felt a little weak. There were moments of greatness sure (more of that amazing quip filled dialogue) but the A story didn’t grab me.

The idea of doing a “McMystery at Mcduck Mcmanor” (genius title) is a great one but the character motivation for Huey just isn’t strong enough to carry it. There’s a good idea in there about Huey over planning someone else’s party. Huey is a total planner but when he starts to put that on other people he risks sacrificing someone else’s happiness for the sake of himself.

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That’s a great character bit to explore but it’s lost amongst the gags with the guests. The episode is having a little too much playing with the mystery that Huey gets a little lost in the twists and turns.

It also doesn’t help that I haven’t been a huge fan of the new version of the Beagle Boys. They don’t pop off the screen like Glomgold who is without question the best villain in the series. That guy not only has an amazing motivation for taking down Scrooge but he’s always at 870%. I know we can’t have every character like that but when you put the Beagles up against that level of wacky they need to step up to make an impression.

Thankfully the little moments really stand out and keep this episode from being a total miss. Dewey with his Daft Punk style helmet was a really clever way to vary up the interactions between the brothers. His sample board was a really hilarious touch. Louie just inviting anyone he could in an hour also gave us some solid gags, with him inviting Glomgold to kill Scrooge particularly bonkers.

I will say the twist at the end with Duckworth was well done and I didn’t see it coming. I really thought they had that reference at the start just to explain away why he wasn’t in the new series. But nope, now he’s a ghost! Will he stick around? I kind of hope so, especially since it gives Beakley someone to bounce off on her level. 

Speaking of, where she’s been? The little we’ve seen of her has been a joy and I hope she gets a focus episode like Launchpad did.

While the weakest DuckTales episode so far that doesn’t mean there isn’t merit to this outing. You just need to really focus on those little moments and appreciate seeing these characters bounce off each other.

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DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better 

– “A regular island where young warriors definitely don’t confront the forces of nature and each other.”

– “Take that ya bionic bandit!”

– “Rob of him what you ask?”“HE DIDN’T ASK!”

– “Stop bonding, this is a crime scene!”

“I preferred when you were dead.”

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2.5 out of 5