DuckTales Episode 12 Review: The Missing Links of Moorshire!

A fun golf romp is a delightful showcase for everything that's wonderful about DuckTales.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Episode 12

“No we need to SUPPORT Scrooge. Not everything is a life lesson.”

That line just about sums up this episode, doesn’t it? I mean of course there’s a good lesson about ego but it isn’t the main focus here. No, unlike last week where we really delved into one of the characters psyches here we’re just having fun. This is a light romp of an episode, one that wouldn’t seem out of place in the original DuckTales series.

Although of course the new DuckTales gives it that extra edge. The Murder Ponies were easily my favorite part of the episode. They’re just quick side gags but their commitment to trying to kill our team was adorably deadly. I’m delighted just how much kids TV can get away with these days. The dark humor DuckTales employs on a regular basis is a consistent source of hilarity.

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This episode was a great showcase for everything that’s wonderful about DuckTales. All of the characters got to shine with some fun little moments. Louie being unimpressed by golf, even when it’s mystical. Huey and Launchpad’s pitch perfect commentary during the coin toss. Webby’s boundless enthusiasm. Dewey’s frusteration with Scrooge’s ego. Glomgold’s everything. Scrooge just making those frustrated noises as he tried to hit the ball.

With everyone getting a moment that means we don’t get to dig too deeply into anyone but that’s just fine. Sometimes you need an episode where everyone shares the spotlight and you get to see them bounce off each other. With a cast this good these types of episodes are more than welcome.

Some fans eventually complain about this not mattering to “the plot” but you need some downtime episodes. A little breathing room for a status quo to set in. So far DuckTales has mostly been setting up characters and plots with only a few small progressions in the overall arc (notably with Della) but we’re only twelve episodes into the series.

DuckTales is playing the long game here and while there’s a bigger mystery and adventure beneath the surface the show is never forgetting it should be having fun, which this episode is and more.

Special shout out for this episode really needs to go to the person doing the music for DuckTales, Dominic Lewis. His Scottish piece during the golf montage has cemented my need for a DuckTales soundtrack featuring his music. I refuse to golf without that song blaring at every single hole.

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better 

– “Yay custom t-shirts!”

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– “I’ve never been to a sport before!”

– “Hit a ball? IN THE HOLE? Of course! I’ve been overthinking this the whole time!”

– “Does anyone else think we should ignore the murder ponies and go home?”

– “Hop on our backs. We’ll definitely take you to the next hole and not a watery grave!”

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4 out of 5