Doctor Who, Review

The doctor is BACK!

So Doctor Who has returned and boy are we excited. After months of anticipation, speculating and general squealing The Doctor has come back into our lives. And this first episode back has filled the hole in our hearts that developed between the Christmas episode and now. What can we say? The Whovians are needy.

 So we’re still not sure how we feel in terms of the new opening. TARDIS blue has been replaced with a firey red. We’ll get used to it. Just like we will get used to the new TARDIS. It looks so new but we bet by the end of the season it’ll be a little more “worn in” like every other TARDIS. The Doctor is not so gentle with his vehicle.

This episode was a very typical Doctor Who episode in terms of plot. A crazy thing begins going down in London and The Doctor swoops in and saves the day. And that’s ok. We like that.

We open with The Doctor as a medieval monk. He’s sequestered himself away to contemplate the most important mystery of his life. Who is Clara Oswin Oswald? The monks tell him that the “bells of Saint John are ringing” and lead him to the TARDIS. The “bells” of course, is the police telephone ringing. And that usually doesn’t happen. So The Doctor answers and who is on the other end? None other than Clara Oswin Oswald.

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Clara Oswin Oswald. Calling about “how to use the internet.” She may be the only 24 year old in all of Great Britain who doesn’t understand the concept of WiFi. This part of the episode wasn’t particularly interesting. So we’ll sum it up here. Clara has no idea who the Doctor is and it makes him pursue her in a super desperate manner. Come on Doctor. Clara? You have RIVER SONG!! Sorry.

Anyway, while this is going on for way too long, people are being sucked into the WiFi. And they are being used as a network. The plot is a little ridiculous to be honest. It is just a vehicle for The Doctor to reconnect with Clara. And this is the moral message of this episode. Don’t steal WiFi. And don’t log onto mystery networks. 

The Doctor (with the help of Clara) saves the day and frees everyone from the evil WiFi network. Because Clara has been connected to the evil WiFi network she is now a computer expert. Hence her intense computer skills in Asylum of the Daleks (Series 7, Episode 1). We wonder if that means that everyone in London is also a computer expert now? Huh.

Here are some of the fun Doctor Who tidbits, easter eggs and just general laughs. One of the major Easter eggs comes from the novel that is referenced multiple times in the episode. Clara talks about the book to one of the children she is nannying. Check the book. The author is none other than the lovely Amelia Williams. We miss you Amy. We also loved that The Doctor nursed Clara back to health with jammy dodgers. But couldn’t resist taking a bite out of one and leaving the rest there. We love you Eleven! Some other fun Eleven nonsense goes on including his fez and an emergency bowtie box.

The episode was fun but the plot was weak. Are we the only ones kinda hoping this intrigue regarding Clara becomes resolved? And we really hope this doesn’t turn into another Doctor-companion love story. And The Doctor is married. To a woman who has already murdered him once. And we like River Song more than we like Clara.

Also, we think from now on we will be deducting half a point each episode if Captain Jack doesn’t show up. Hear that Steven Moffat? We need our time traveling pansexual back. Your move sir. Your move.

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Den of Geeks Rating 3.5 out of 5 (0.5 deducted as the Captain Jack fee)

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3.5 out of 5