Will There Be a Dead to Me Season 3?

After a thrilling season 2 finale, Dead to Me is sure to get a season 3 on Netflix. It's only a question of when.

Dead to Me Season 3
Photo: Netflix

The following contains spoilers for Dead to Me season 2.

Dead to Me just wrapped up its pulpy, hilarious, and tragic second season on Netflix. That can only beg the question: will there be a Dead to Me season 3?

The answer in this case is….well there had better be! For two seasons in a row now, Dead to Me has excelled in crafting a satisfying ending that ties up all the threads from the season at large but still leaves plenty of room for more. Season two was no exception with Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) and Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini) out on a drive to celebrate their sudden riches, only to have their car T-boned. In a bit of dark irony, Benjamin (James Marsden) the twin brother of the man they killed, is the one behind the wheel of the other car. Did Benjamin just purposefully or accidentally avenge his brother’s death? Clearly, we need a third season to find out. 

As is often the case with streaming series, the metrics for Dead to Me’s success are pretty unclear as we don’t have a solid figure on how many people actually watch the show. The closest thing that Netflix offers up in terms of public-facing statistics is their “Top 10” list. And according to that, Dead to Me season 2 is the most watched property on Netflix currently in the United States! Well that certainly bodes well.

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That metric combined with season 2’s cliffhanger ending and the natural star power of Applegate, Cardellini, and Marsden makes it seem as though Dead to Me season 3 is all but a certainty. Dead to Me’s first season premiered on May 3, 2019 and Netflix officially confirmed a second season in June of the same year. If a similar renewal timeframe follows for Dead to Me season 3, we can expect an announcement from Netflix within a month. 

Netflix has also adopted a model in recent years of “three and outs,” giving its successful series three seasons to wrap up their story. With that in mind, the Dead to Me season 3 order could be the final one for the series. But with the show’s success, Netflix could also just want this thing to run in perpetuity. It certainly has the telenovela-esque storytelling skills to do so.

Now that it seems likely that we will see a Dead to Me season 3, what exactly will next season entail? In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after season 2 premiered, Dead to Me creator Liz Feldman revealed that they haven’t opened up a writer’s room for season 3 yet. The “yet” is doing a lot of work there in suggesting that they expect to eventually. 

Feldman also reveals that just because Jen seems to be alert and talking after the crash doesn’t mean that she’s ok. It would certainly be a shock if Dead to Me were to kill off one or both of its two stars, but it’s certainly a possibility that the crash will have long term effects for Judy, Jen, and the story at large. Even if Jen or Judy do die, we now know that just about anyone on this show can have an unexpected twin.

Dead to Me season 3 is sure to be renewed soon. So check back for more info as it arrives.