Continuum: So Do Our Minutes Hasten review

It's intrigue upon intrigue as we get deeper into Continuum's second half. Here's Michael's review...

First off, I’m not sure whether to congratulate or berate the writers for their decision to have Betty meet her fate just as she was having such success, not only in solving the case but also in convincing those around her that she only wanted what was right. I mean think about it: Betty found the maker of the equipment used to perpetrate the massacre at Fermitas; she found the connection between Sonmanto and Greypoint Security; and she even discovered Liber8’s pending recruitment of Dillon’s daughter. She practically solved this week’s crime single-handedly, and how is she rewarded? I cry while I clap.

Kiera did put her trust in Betty, though, and she let her know before the end that she might be “switching horses.” This is a welcome if subtle payoff to the awakening Kiera claimed to have experienced in the last episode. And although she rejects Garza’s idea of them as partners (did she forget the Freelancer prison escape?) it’s clear the tide is turning.

I’m curious how many viewers believe, as I do, that Dillon actually KNEW Liber8 wasn’t involved in the Fermitas attack. He purposely put Carlos on a case that led nowhere, other than into a beautiful woman’s bed, which had the side benefit of discrediting Julian at the same time. But I’m surprised Dillon was willing to take down his new crush, anchorwoman Diana Bolton, too. Fortunes of war, I suppose.

I like seeing a few characters start on new endeavors this week. Curtis not only calls “bitch cop” to tell her he’s going to fix her lack of insight (whatever that means), but he also promises Kellog the secret to cheating death in exchange for… what? Fans want to know! Meanwhile, Alec has dubbed Piron’s health-monitoring bracelet “Halo,” and tricked his way into getting it funded. How cool, though, and how fortunate for Alec that his son, Jason, remembers the device! Except, of course, that Kellog is watching from behind Jason’s glasses cam. Intrigue upon intrigue!

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Now, Garza has been my favorite Continuum character since season 1, and her performance in this episode illustrates why. She has so often been the voice of the audience (remember in season 2 when she asked Carlos if he was bangin’ Kiera?), and her perception is as keen as ever, even as Liber8 is on the defensive. I almost cheered when she told Julian to toughen up: “You’re about as threatening as a head cold right now,” and she totally knows Kiera’s having doubts: “You’re not sure of anything anymore.” I’m left wondering where she’s taking the young Theseus and what the future holds for him now.

Not much forward momentum in this episode, but plenty of subtle mysteries and a punch in the gut at the end make this another solid installment as we enter the second half of the season.

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4 out of 5