Continuum: Second Last, Review

In the future, everyone's just as confused as now, because they're here in the past. No, really.

Again, what is it with the titles? Second Last? Whaaaaat?What about Second Wind? Second Helpings? And my personal favorite, Second Base? These titles are worse than last season. But let’s get to the story for tonight, shall we?Nearly every episode starts with a “flash forward” of Kiera’s life in 2077, and it seems she’s tenacious no matter when or where she is. And we find out that Kellogg is funding Sonia…whoa. Well, now that Sonia and Travis are back together…not good for Kellogg.So…how badly does time travel mess with the mind? And how close is Kiera to going home? This is the second to last episode for the season, so that’s one big question that needs to be answered.(I still want the Second Base show where Kiera and Carlos hook up. I mean, really? It hasn’t happened yet?)Escher wants the sphere (time travel device) in exchange for Emily’s freedom from the program. She can stay with Alec, but…well, I guess we’ll see where that goes. Agent Gardner’s body is finally found in the trunk of his own abandoned car, with Kiera the prime suspect…how? She was the last one to see him? Um, what about the law firm he checked out?Kellogg confronts Emily, who is really not Emily (surprise). She’s working for two people, not just Escher, and Kellogg has some pretty destructive dirt on her. In the meantime, Gardner’s video makes Kiera look sympathetic toward Liber8. And about those DNA results for Jason? Yeah, you guys forgot about that? 99.9 percent match. BINGO! Crazy homeless Jason is Alec’s dad!“You carry destruction in your wake. You’re the time bomb.” Escher tells Kiera, as she rushes off to rescue Alec and Emily from Travis. They get away, but Travis has the suit…which has been activated. Again, this show is so full of double crosses and broken alliances that even I have trouble keeping up. Not that it’s a bad show…but at 10 p.m. on a Friday when most people are drinking…well, let’s just say this show may have a verrrrry marginal audience.So, Alec escapes with Emily..and Kellogg calls….Carlos? WTF is going on here??? Alec and Emily are about to run off but go hang out with Jason instead. Really? I know Alec needs answers, but, um, everyone’s lives are being threatened? What?So, during the show my husband and I were actually arguing about whether Emily would come clean. I lost. She did. Alec actually seemed to take it better than I thought. At least she was honest, and hey, he’s a geek, so I guess he should consider himself lucky for getting lucky?Next scene: Big shootout with everyone being really bad shots. And even before Emily threw the time machine, I knew she was dead. But the evil look in Alec’s eye when she dies? Kind of disturbing…is this going to shape what he becomes? And the bigger question is, if Kiera just gets sent back, no questions asked, what does that mean for the future?Final review: Well, this is one confusing show. I’ve been following it from day one, and I still find myself getting lost. Next week is the finale. Emily’s death, not surprising. Jason as Alec’s dad, not surprising either. Are there a lot of twists? Yes, but how much is too much? Where is the line between smart and just plain off the road? Not sure, but I’m still interested in what the final show will bring.

Den of Geek Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


3 out of 5