Could a Castlevania Spinoff Star Trevor Belmont’s Son or Daughter?

What's next for Netflix's Castlevania anime series?

This Castlevania article contains spoilers.

Castlevania season 4 may be the end of the line for Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard, but it likely won’t be the last Netflix adaptation of the long-running video game franchise. In fact, the streamer is already planning a new series set in the same universe but starring different characters. What form this Castlevania series would take remains a well-kept secret, although a reasonable guess would be that it’ll take place during a different era before or after Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard’s adventures.

Konami’s prestige franchise has a timeline that spans hundreds of years, tracking the history of the Belmont clan, a family of monster hunters tasked with sending Dracula back to the grave every time he’s resurrected. According to the video game lore, Trevor is the closest descendant of Leon Belmont, the first in the line of vampire slayers. After Trevor comes Christopher Belmont, Trevor’s most direct descendant in the video game chronology, who descends from one of Trevor and Sypha’s children. Many other Belmonts lived between Leon and Trevor and Trevor and Christopher but they don’t appear in the games.

A series starring either Leon or Christopher would be an educated guess, far enough into the past or future to present a fresh take on Wallachia while also keeping things familiar enough for returning fans. But we know their stories. A far more interesting possibility is that the next Castlevania series will star a brand-new character, Trevor and Sypha’s son or daughter, the child teased at the very end of the series.

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Season 4 closes with Trevor and a pregnant Sypha settling in the new village of Belmont, which is established by Alucard and Greta after their final battle with Dracula’s forces, a safe haven for the people of Danesti overlooked by Alucard’s castle. It’s assumed that Trevor and Sypha raised their children in Belmont, among the secrets of both the castle and the Belmont family archives. Surely, all of this access to Wallachia’s supernatural history within the castle and the Belmont library would shape a formidable new monster hunter trained to follow in Trevor and Sypha’s footsteps.

While Castlevania‘s Infinite Corridor scenes have teased other eras that could be explored as anime, including the 2035 of fan-favorite hero Soma Cruz, making the next installment the story of Trevor and Sypha’s children would offer video games fans the opportunity to meet a never-before-seen Belmont, while also hooking anime fans who want to know what happened to Trevor and Sypha’s offspring as well as providing a good jumping on point for new viewers.

Castlevania executive producer Kevin Kolde confirmed to CBR that the team is not thinking about the new series strictly as a spinoff, though.

“We’re not talking about what I would specifically call a spinoff because we’re taking from the characters or spinning directly from this series. We’re looking at another series in the Castlevania universe. I can’t tell you any real specifics at this point; we can certainly talk about it once those details are solidified, right now, it’s really about finishing this [series] up,” Kolde told CBR. “As you know, there’s a lot of great games, great storylines, great characters in the Castlevania world going back, prior to Trevor’s story, and going on into the future with Soma Cruz and things like that. There’s plenty there to play with — I’m not going to tell you where we’re going to play — but those details will come out soon enough. I think Castlevania fans will be thrilled.”

That said, while an anime starring Trevor and Sypha’s offspring could be seen as a direct “spinoff,” it could be set far enough into the future to feel like its own series. When official word might come in from Netflix is anyone’s guess, but we’re looking forward to hearing what the future of Castlevania holds.

For now, you can read more about Castlevania season 4 here.

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