Breaking Bad: To’hajiilee, Review

Last night's 'Breaking Bad' mixes things up a bit, throwing us some curve balls along the way...

I could go on for days about what separates Breaking Bad from other television shows; I can give detailed descriptions on why it’s simply just better. Take tonight’s wide array of excellent camerawork, like long tracking shots, utilization of high and low angles, and usage of extreme wide and close-up shots. Or I could praise the performances, like Aaron Paul’s seething phone call, Bryan Cranston’s pure hysteria over the thought of losing money, and Jesse Plemons’ portrayal of Todd, the sweetest little psychopath in Albuquerque. I could talk endlessly about how meticulously detailed each scene is, regurgitate the fact that even the colors of the character’s clothing has meaning just like all of your friends who also have computers have told you.

All of this is great evidence, but the main thing that I believe that separates Breaking Bad is simple: the show is always unpredictable. The show is so good at being unpredictable that they constantly have me thinking that I am being smart, that I am anticipating the next move, that I’m not buying into information that they’re trying to get me to believe.

I’m tricked into thinking that I am on the same page only to be totally blindside me from the other side. I knew that Jesse wouldn’t go down easily. I knew that Walt’s plan to lure him to Andrea wouldn’t be the way that Jesse would go out. On other shows, like Dexter, this would be exactly what would happen, but I knew better to think that Breaking Bad would do something as easy as that. What I didn’t see coming though was Jesse being laid out for Todd and his Uncle Jack after executing another one of his brilliant plans. Didn’t see it coming, just like every big moment in this show.

Seriously, Jesse says that Walt is the big manipulator, but Jesse has cooked up (ahem) some wily schemes himself. Everyone was scheming tonight. It was fun to watch the battle of wits at work. If you have any joy in your heart, then you probably loved the Huell and Hank scene as much as me. As great of a comedic moment as it was, it was an even better idea, tricking the simple giant into becoming a nonfactor and picking up some information on Walt’s money. The bluff with the van GPS was classic police trickery, and hey, I even liked the brain in the kitchen bit. There were plenty of light moments, but those not so light moments? Geez, were they tense.

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I didn’t move an inch the minute Hank yelled, “It’s over,” and Walt let out a single tear of desperate defeat. The scene was so incredibly suspenseful. It was so satisfying seeing Walt dethroned, but not for a second did I believe that he’d really drive out of the desert without some sort of wild card being played, and knowing that kept me intensely still. Actually, Walt’s look of utter loss made me even more uncomfortable; you know when Walt is working without a plan that shit is going to hit the fan.

Uncle Jack and his gang arrived and then I instantly clenched up completely. I’ve been waiting for Gomez’s day to come and this scene just made me think that the time was here. The gunfire scenes were electrifying, with the sound and visuals turned up to eleven to give off the chaotic vibe of ultra-violence. I was completely stunned, but then I had the presence of mind to look at the clock. As I saw 9:59 become 10:00 I suddenly let out a sound of desperation because I knew what was coming. Slam to credits. The only problem I had with this episode was that infuriatingly teasing cliffhanger. I should have predicted it.

Den of Geek Score: 5 out of 5

The Best of the Rest

  • Huell’s last name is “Babineaux”. God I love him.
  • Lydia and Todd sure shared an uncomfortable chat. The polite little creep even savored her lipstick stain on his mug and drank from directly the same spot. Shudder.
  • “Jesse is like family to me,” Walt says as he puts a contract on his head.
  • “Blinded Me With Science” is Todd’s ringtone. Puts him in the mood to cook maybe?
  • Walt will do one last cook for Jesse to be put out of the picture.
  • Walt gave Saul the death glare to end all death glares at the car wash and HEY! we all got that Saul/Walt Jr. meeting we’ve all been dying for!
  • “No, you listen to me, BITCH.” – Jesse
  • The spit in the face was a nice touch.
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