Blossom Detective Holmes Pilot Review

From one of Voltron's top directors comes an animated series unlike anything you've seen in America with a ton of promise for more to come.

Blossom Detective Holmes could be the next big thing in animation. I know that’s a big statement after only viewing a four and a half minute pilot but there’s a certain energy that’s irresistible. Plus, it’s animated crime/mystery/suspsense. How often do you get that?

The short’s opening is filled with atmosphere. This isn’t the kind of animated content we normally get in America. The colors are dark and the world has an edge to it. It helps set the tone that this is something different. Now if the pilot had stayed with all that darkness I wouldn’t have been so heavy on the praise but that’s when Skylar and Jamie burst onto the scene.

Chasing a suspect the two leap about Stockholm. This main chase sequence makes up much of the pilot episode and reminds me of some of the best-animated chase scenes out there. It’s fast, heart pounding, and while the characters don’t get much dialogue their actions speak volumes.

Skylar’s keen sense of smell (even holding her nose in the air while running!) and using that to piece together more information on their suspect. Jamie gently ribbing on Skylar’s unique skill. Skylar’s protective need to sniff the flower she always keeps on her. Jamie’s flustered reactions to Skylar’s requests. 

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These are two characters I want to learn more about. I want to understand what the hell is going on with Jamie’s camera. Why, in such an old looking world, does she have a seemingly magical camera? Why does Skylar hate the smell of a blood and need to keep a flower on her? What’s really going on with the case?

Even with the short run time they’re already characters I want to spend more time with. I could easily imagine a whole season of adventures for them, exploring the world, solving cases, and learning more about their pasts.

The Blossom Detective Holmes pilot is not a traditional one in that it doesn’t tell a complete story. It’s just one piece of a larger puzzle. The cliffhanger ending teases more to come.

It’s amazing when you learn that Steve Ahn animated much of the pilot by himself on his own dime. It’s incredibly fluid for a mostly one-man band and rivals the material put out by the major studios. The setting is gorgeous (yet unnerving, a murder did occur after all) and the action is dynamic as hell.

It’s a shame we don’t have more to watch but again, Ahn did much of this by himself. It’s a herculean effort that has paid off with something that is coming directly from Ahn’s imagination to the viewer.

This pilot may only be a taste of something even greater to come but it’s one I’m more than ready to support. Give Blossom Detective Holmes a watch. You’ll be delighted and it’ll spark your imagination.

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You can watch the pilot for a limited time here.

You can also check out the website for the series where there’s all kinds of information about the development of the series, characters profiles, and more.

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5 out of 5