Bitten: Bad Dreams review

Bitten Season 2 Episode 7 was a little too much for the brain to handle. Here is our review.

Hey y’all! Quick recap from last week before we get into this new episode. Last week We saw Elena, Savannah, Logan and Rachael all escape from Aleister’s compound. As far as they all know, Aleister was impaled upon a post when Paige flung some righteous magick his way. The problem is, as we see at the very end, Aleister is still very much alive. Come on guys, you know it’s not gonna be that easy! At least Savannah has finally broken away from being hypnotized by the “I am the lock” “I am the key” mantra. Now onto this week:

This week’s episode starts out with a very horror movie-esque dream that Savannah is having. The color is washed out, things seem foggy and there’s a lot of flickering between Savannah and the torn up Elena she finds in her dream. It may be my imagination, but that feeling seems to stretch into the rest of the episode. There’s something very classic about Elena sitting at her dressing table, cutting her hair off. It took me awhile to think of, but I finally realized that it reminded me of The Haunting, when Lily Taylor’s character sits at the dressing table, brushing her hair. The tables are similar, the gowns each character is wearing are similar, and I think (if I’m remembering right) the looks on their faces are also very similar. I doubt this was done on purpose, but it’s kind of a neat thought.

We haven’t seen much of Jeremy in the past few episodes, so its refreshing to see him very early on in this one. That said, there still seems to be something very cold about Jeremy. It’s a coldness that had to be put in place in order for his Pack to survive, so it’s understandable. Also, the international Alphas have also shown back up at Stonehaven, so the coldness is kind of necessary in dealing with them. Still…

I’m not quite sure I like what they’re doing with the story line. There’s so many things going on at once. Not only do we have the Aleister line and the international Alphas line, this episode they added at least two more directions. I already mentioned one of the new lines in the beginning of this article: Savannah’s nightmare about Elena. A bit later in the episode, Savannah comes to Stonehaven to talk to Elena. In doing that, they’re mixing the international Alpha line with the Savannah line, with the Aleister line. You ever seen one of those memes that have something like a painter painting a painting of another painter who is painting the original painter in their own painting. Seems simple, yet so hard to follow! And we can’t forget to mention the break off story line of Nick and Paige going to find Nick’s mom, only to be followed by someone from the Spanish Alpha’s Pack. Now… how many story arcs are we going through? It makes my head hurt!  It seemed like they were slowing down for awhile, but now that they’ve escaped Aleister’s compound, things are ramping back up to “Whoa there!” status.

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All of these arcs are interesting in their own respect, but when you try to bring them all back into the same story line, it starts getting to be too much. Pyschic dreams, backstabbing among the pack Alphas, someone trying to take out Nick and Paige while they’re out of town. I know it will all come back together, hopefully smoothly, into one successful story line, but MAN! There’s really not much else to say about this week’s episode other than that. There are so many things intertwining, and then sending off their own little shoots, while still holding onto the center point. This is why people use thought webs, I guess. It definitely makes it easier when breaking a story down for people who want to know it’s multiple facets and how they relate to each other, but without all the inevitable confusion you get with the sudden onslaught of information.

I guess it’s a short one this week. This episode has got my mind spinning like a cracked out merry-go-round. I’m not sure what to think. I will say, that with all of these story arcs going all over the place, it definitely seems like it will make for an interesting climax to the season. And hey, the end of this season is only THREE EPISODES away!! Can you believe it? Already!

So how about you, my fellow chompy chaps? Was this episode just a little too much for your brain to handle? Did you also notice the horror movie-esque scenes? Did you like what happened? Leave a comment below to let us know!


2.5 out of 5