“Big Bang Theory” Season 6 Episode 5: The Holographic Excitation

When is something good going to happen for Raj?

Last night’ s show was one of the more comical episodes in recent memory.  Howard won’t stop talking about his trip to space, Penny is excited by Leonard’s work, Raj helps Stewart throw a Halloween party to meet women, and Sheldon and Amy disagree on a couples costume.

It was, well, cute to see Penny finally take interest in Leonard’s work.  She makes a clear attempt to be interested in Leonard’s experiments.  Leonard shows her a couple cool experiments and it is really one of the first times that we see Penny genuinely appreciate Leonard as a person.  This results in Leonard and Penny not being able to keep their hands off of each other and performing , ahem, “coitis” frequently throughout the episode.

Bernadette tells Howard that he is talking about being an astronaut too much and that it is annoying the people around him.  She says that he should scale it back a little bit.  Naturally, this upsets Howard, making him feel like his friends will forget that he was in space.  Bernadette comforts him, problem resolved.

Stewart’s Halloween party was a success.  Raj pulled off what appeared to be a rager at a comic book store (is that even possible?).  Sheldon and Amy came to an amusing compromise for their costume.  Amy was Raggedy Anne and Sheldon was Raggedy CP30 (hilarious).  Leonard and Penny went as Albert Einstein and a sexy police officer–Leonard was Einstein, not Penny!  Howard painted himself blue and went as a smurf and Bernadette did the same (is it weird that Bernadette was kinda hot as a smurf?) 

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I find that Raj’s character is getting a little bit annoying and played out.  The writers should write a new storyline for him to get viewers re-interested.  Maybe Raj and the gang can all go with Raj to India for a show.  I think Raj has earned some sort of happiness, by now.  Either give him a girlfriend like the rest, or make something great happen to him.

The episode felt a little bit out of place without any mention of Penny’s serious doubts about Leonard and their relationship in which have been a topic in previous episodes this season.  While the episode got more laughs than any other episode this season, something still felt off.  Overall, I rate this week’s episode an 8 out of 10, with the funniest scene being when Sheldon and Amy were having tea and discussing possible costumes.   Sheldon still reigns king as the show’s comedic genius.