The Big Bang Theory, Season 6, Episode 13: The Bakersfield Expedition, Review

Oh, Captain Sweatpants, you slay me...

Tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory began with Sheldon steaming a Star Trek uniform and Leonard packing his make-up, which could only mean one thing–a comic book convention. In this case, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard are all heading to The Bakersfield Comic Con, the smaller of the comic cons. Penny attempts to borrow some of Leonard’s make-up, but Leonard denies her, saying that there just are some things a man doesn’t share with his girlfriend. Leonard then takes a picture of Penny holding a newspaper to, “show people when they don’t believe me.”

While the boys are away, the girls will play. Penny, Amy and Bernadette are all at brunch when Bernadette suggests that the three girls should investigate the world of comic books, since their significant others are all obsessed with them. Penny and Amy agree and the three set off to Stewart’s comic shop. Of course, once they walk in, Captain Sweatpants and Co. all gawk and stare at the lovely ladies, but Stewart quickly puts a stop to that. The girls ask Stewart what sort of comic book they should check out and Stewart recommends Fables #1, because it doesn’t objectify women and has respectable content. However, a Thor comic book catches Penny’s eye.

The girls bring their new comic books home and read through them. At first, the girls don’t understand why their men are so interested in the comic book world, calling the comic books stupid. But, after a minute or two, they find themselves in a heated argument about Thor’s Hammer. Their discussion of who can wield Thor’s Hammer is very entertaining and further proof of how comic books can spark intriguing discussions.

Leonard, Raj, Howard and Sheldon all set out in Leonard’s car for the Bakersfield Comic Con. Sheldon has hilariously replaced the voice on Leonard’s GPS with his own and has added trivia into the mix as well. After a while, the guys find themselves in the desert in their Star Trek costumes. Leonard is dressed as Captain Picard, Howard is a Borg, Sheldon is Data and Raj is Worf. The gang wants to make a pit stop in the desert to take some fun photos. While they’re taking the photos, Leonard’s car, which contains all of their cell phones, is stolen. The boys find themselves stranded in the desert and are forced to walk along the road to try and find a gas station. While walking, Sheldon is the victim of a drive-by slushy attack, severely dampening his spirits. After sweating it out in the desert, Leonard and the guys find salvation in a diner. Raj wants to continue on to the Comic Con, but the other three guys just want to head home. Howard calls his mother, she sets up a rental car and the boys make their way home after a long day.

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The boys arrive at Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment in the middle of one of Penny, Bernadette and Amy’s comic book arguments. The girls raided Leonard and Sheldon’s stash of comic books and have gone deeper into the world of comic books.

At the end of the episode, the car thieves are seen driving away in Leonard’s car enjoying Sheldon’s GPS and trivia Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory continues to make us laugh without trying too hard, which is what makes the show so enjoyable. It’s not overly written yet contains hilarious dialogue throughout each episode, especially this season. The drama in the show is minimal and the focus is on making the audience laugh and the show does just that. It’s 24 minutes of lighthearted, creative comedy revolving around the Geek world. Overall, tonight’s episode earns an 8.5 out of 10.

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