Being Human (USA) season 4 episode 2 review: That Time Of The Month

Being Human (USA) delivers a twist-filled episode. Here's Kaci's review...

This review contains spoilers.

4.2 That Time Of The Month

This week on Being Human USA…TWIST.

We open where we left off last week: Suzanna, on the porch in front of a stunned Aidan. He stares at her, taking in that this is really happening. It says so much about Aidan’s messed-up life that, faced with this seemingly improbable event, the first words out of his mouth are not, “How? Why?” Instead, he invites her in because Aidan Waite has manners thank you very much and when one’s wife comes back from the dead one does not allow a lady to stand outside in the hot sun. That would be rude. But then the “how” gets answered for him: Suzanna can’t come in because she’s a vampire. And if you even have to wonder who sired her then I need you to rewatch season one and get yourself reacquainted with Mark Pellegrino’s face and then get back to me.

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It was, in fact, Bishop who sired her — originally as a gift for Aidan. Suzanna’s a smart woman, though, and she reminds him that Aidan hates his nature and would’ve never wished this on her. Bishop does his whole, “I am in charge of Aidan’s every movement so if you ever want to see him again you will play by my rules” thing and then literally says to her, “When we’ve had our fill, we will find our Aidan,” like he is Bishop’s property or something. Suzanna takes off at a run and Bishop just sighs because no one does sass like Mark Pellegrino. No one.

Back in the present, Suzanna and Aidan are comparing how they’ve each changed: “You speak differently.” “You’re wearing pants.” It’s ridiculously cute and you can see how great they probably were back in the Department of Bad Wigs and Even Worse Accents. Things turn serious, however, when Aidan confesses to her that he abandoned their son, Isaac, the day she died, leaving him an orphan; he never had the courage to look up what became of their son afterwards. She tells him that he died a grandfather and Aidan starts to cry, and if you’re not feeling a little choked up right now, then I don’t know what to tell you because Sam Witwer knocked this episode out of the park.

He’s interrupted, however, by Sally. Now that she’s back and has all this power, she thinks she can help Josh. In fact, she’s sure of it when she manages to find a book — which she can actually hold — with exactly the spell they need to banish the wolf inside him. She drags Aidan out to the woods where, together with Nora, they argue over if they should attempt the spell to rescue Josh from his wolf form.

Considering how dark this show can be sometimes (especially in this episode), it’s amazing how funny it can be at others. The scene where they argue over if they should use the spell had me laughing so hard I had to pause the episode before I could continue. Aidan wants to “pretend” they’re rational people! Nora has a sun tracker app on her phone! Magic leads to Aidan getting his stomach bitten off!

But easily the best joke of the scene is when Sally says they need the blood of a “goddess.” And by “goddess,” she of course means “a woman who is currently menstruating.” Everyone gets quiet and then Aidan stares at Nora and she asks why and then he kind of shrugs and says, “I can smell it,” and it’s the most beautifully awkward scene ever and bless this show for “goddess”.

Sally sends Nora into the camper with a cheerful, “Aim for five to seven milliliters!” Nora returns with a coffee mug in hand and pours it into the kiddie pool Sally is using for the spell. High quality magic right here, folks.

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The three of them take the knife the spell produced over to Josh’s cage, where Aidan stabs the wolf in the heart… and then it dies and nothing happens except that Sally teleports away again, only to finally figure out that when it happens, she’s actually time travelling.

Aidan sits beside the wolf’s corpse, crying over the fact that he has apparently killed his best friend when suddenly Josh’s arm shoots out of the wolf’s mouth like Luke Skywalker in a freaking tauntaun. I want to make a joke here, I really do, anything to lighten the horror of this moment, but Aidan and Nora literally pull Josh’s entire body out of the corpse of his wolf and hell if I know what to do with the metaphorical resonance of Josh’s human form being “born” out of the body of the wolf because need I remind you he’s literally cut out of an animal’s carcass. Good Lord, it’s like Ian Ziering chainsawing himself out of that shark all over again.

But because this is fairly standard procedure for Aidan’s life, he decides that now would be a good time to visit Suzanna, who answers the door with a giant cross behind her back. They hem and haw over why she never sought him out before before Aidan suggests they continue getting together to reestablish a friendship at the very least, but Suzanna brushes him off, saying that the past needs to stay in the past.

Aidan considers that and reflects on the monumental dose of “what the eff” his life has entailed, and then heads home to find Kat in his bed. Aidan looks at her, really takes in the fact that despite the rest of his life being a hot mess, Kat is in his bed, wearing lingerie and covered in highlighter ink making jokes about plot twists, glad that his friend is back, being so wonderfully human and normal. And it says so much about Aidan that instead of choosing to brood and angst about Suzanna being alive and the fact that she doesn’t want a relationship with him, he looks at Kat in his bed and he instead chooses happiness. He chooses humanity. He tells Kat that he loves her. She stares back at him and says, “Twist.”

But the real twists are still coming: Isaac didn’t die a grandfather. He died when Suzanna gave into her thirst on that first day, when she drained him dry only for Bishop to tell her to run and keep the secret because it would ruin Aidan.

And when Josh looks in the mirror after a long day of pretending to be okay with having emerged out of his own corpse, his eyes are the wolf’s.

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