Batwoman Episode 9 Review: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Two

Part Two of the Crisis on Infinite Earths keeps up the high energy while the gang recovers from the events of Part One

This Batwoman review of Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Two includes ALL of the spoilers.

You just can’t keep a good Green Arrow down.

Will we start every one of these reviews talking about Oliver Queen? I hadn’t planned to, but so far it seems necessary. I’ll admit, reanimating the guy in the very next episode feels fast. Yes, yes, he’s currently growling and his soul may never be returning, yada yada yada. Once this episode moved into a questing space and out of “The Body” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or, more recently, Fred Andrews on Riverdale), the jig was up. Ollie’s going to be fine. Or if he isn’t, at least he’ll get the proper death of a big, damn hero like he deserves.

Back to business. After last episode, it’s good to see Kate have more to do and, as promised, flesh out her relationship with Kara. Already, in spite of Kate’s surprise, it feels like she’ll be by Kara’s side when she inevitably uses the Book of Destiny to try to resurrect her earth. Not everything is kittens and rainbows, though – after all, Kate did hold onto that piece of Kryptonite

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This episode offered a ton of great easter eggs, from the Earth-99 Bat cave to, well, Tom Welling and the whole dang farm from Smallville. It’s hard to imagine how much more they can pack into the Crisis (what’s left of the surprises we know to expect?) but so far it’s an embarrassment of riches with fan-favorite Lex Luthor in the house and a plethora of Supermen and Supermen-adjacent folks.

It’s not surprising that some of Oliver Queen’s friends took his death about as well as we did and set out to bring him back from the dead. Barry and Mia captaining the SS Reanimate Ollie makes sense, but equally logical is Sara’s initial objection. After all, she knows firsthand the darkness the Lazarus Pit can bring. And while the episode brought in many fun glimpses at other worlds that were beyond the wildest fan imaginations, that meant less room for the basic business of the show, like having Thea, who’s both Ollie’s sister and a Lazarus Pit veteran, swing by to weigh in on this monumental decision.

All love to Keanu, but when it comes to the multiverse of DC properties, Matt Ryan is the one true John Constantine, no matter what channel or format he presents himself in. It’s always good to have that loveable rogue in the mix, and monkeying around with the Lazarus Pit is a perfect way to bring him in. Hopefully he’ll continue to be a presence as Oliver gets his soul in order.

For those who have been clamoring to see Batman, here he is! Well, sort of. This Batman (played by Kevin Conroy) is a disturbing nihilist, someone who murdered Clark Kent and is completely fine with the entire multiverse collapsing. Great guy, really! It will be interesting to (eventually) contrast him with Kate’s Bruce, who she sort of lovingly teases as a bit of a stick in the mud. But this beyond-jaded Bruce Wayne tells Kate there’s no hope, and later when Kate’s talking to Kara you can see the worry on Kate that she could one day go the same way as her alternate-universe cousin. But just last episode, Kate wrote to her Bruce, “I choose hope.”

The paragons are an interesting device. It’s good to see Kara called out for the font of endless optimism that she so clearly is, and who doesn’t need more lovably stilted Rays? While Kate is obviously brave, it’s unclear how going to Earth-99 lead her or anyone else to that conclusion. Arguably, depending on how you feel about journalists, the military and cops, Kate has been the bravest of the bunch in her daily life, when the hood’s not on. Given that, it’s wonderful to hear her official declared, “the Bat of the future.”

But it feels a bit like the writing is trying to position Kate as currently wavering between hope and despair, whereas I don’t think she’s been that person for a long time. She’s still got some maturing to do, but she clearly had outgrown the dark post-military academy years when we met her, and has grown to be a more hopeful and emotionally healthy person since. She may have struggles, but it doesn’t feel like darkness is impending on her soul, like the one wolf is always threatening to bite the throat of the other, as it were, and that’s a good thing. Not every hero needs to hit rock bottom.

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While Oliver’s death/life turns out not to be such a surprise, the ultimate will they/won’t they of this crossover is: trusting the Monitor. This guy is all over the map, and as a result, so is our ever-growing band of heroes. If nothing else, the fact that Lex Luthor likes him should make everyone reconsider (yet again) where they stand.

Can the Crisis keep up this relentless pace of easter eggs, surprises, one-liners, and delightful chemistry between some of our all-time faves? There’s only one way to find out.

Additional notes.

It’s great to hear Sara reference Felicity but for real, isn’t anybody going to call her? Don’t they think it’s time? Barry Allen owes her that much.

If your body is held up by electronic stuff, maybe don’t give speeches in front of a transformer? Or don’t have a transformer in your Batcave?

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Gotta love Mick casually watching the baby, and doing a dang good job, too!

I love Kara and Kate as drinking buddies. Everybody just kinda hanging out (and Kara taking way too long to notice that there are tow Rays) is exactly the stuff that great Crossovers are made of!

“Hope, help, and compassion for all” – Supergirl doesn’t often use her official motto, but it sure does have a nice ring to it, maybe even better than truth, justice and the American way!

The photo of Beth and Kate that Kara brought back from Earth-99 is such a bittersweet glimpse of another life – but could also be foreshadowing/and easter egg of a possible future over on this earth! Be sure to read all the easter eggs here.

Lyla’s Harbinger continues to feel a bit tacked on here, but hopefully that will change now that the Anti-Monitor is in action, and apparently reaching out to her via migraine. Can we just agree that no good comes of that one stretch of hallway?

Crisis On Infinite Earths continues tomorrow at 8pm ET on The CW. Stay up-to-date on all Crisis news and coverage here.

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4 out of 5