Arcane Season 2 Trailer Teases Jinx’s Continued Fall from Grace

The latest teaser for Arcane season 2 pits many players against Jinx, who barely appears, and she’s not the only notable absence.

Jinx and Vi squaring off in Arcane season 2
Photo: Netflix

This article contains spoilers for Arcane season 1.

After the Arcane season 1 finale left the fate of many key characters hanging in the balance, it should come as no surprise that Jinx would end up as the main target in the aftermath of the attack on the council chamber. The latest season 2 trailer released by Netflix relegates the bomb-happy renegade to the background as Caitlyn, Vi, and others take center stage, seeking justice for those who may have fallen victim to Jinx’s missile.

In fact, those victims may be some of the key characters who are completely absent from the Arcane season 2 trailer: most notably Jayce and Mel. Netflix may be playing it a bit coy when it comes to character deaths, but it’s hard to deny that Ambessa seems to be on a path of vengeance with her Noxian warriors in the teaser. Although the warlord certainly had an ulterior motive for showing up in Piltover, the death of a daughter would definitely push things over the edge.

And although Jayce and Caitlyn have grown apart, his hypothetical death would pit the sharpshooter against Jinx even more than she already was. What’s more surprising, however, is how Vi also appears to be in the Enforcer camp alongside Caitlyn, although looks could be deceiving. She may have conceded to calling her sister “Jinx” in the final clips in the Arcane season 2 trailer, but smart viewers won’t declare that relationship dead quite yet.

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Elsewhere in the teaser (and in the earlier “first look”), Arcane fans seem to have confirmation that Warwick will make an appearance in season 2, but although Singe is behind his creation, there’s no telling whether Vander is involved or what side he’ll be on in the battle against Jinx and Zaun at large. The trailer gives us a peek at Sevika and some other Zaunite warriors (was that rat-like character Twitch?) but a majority of the clips seem to be from Piltover’s (and Nox’s) point of view.

Sure, there’s a glimpse of Ekko and Heimerdinger and even a mural of Jinx depicted as a kind of hero of Zaun, but the Arcane season 2 trailer seems to be all about showcasing Caitlyn’s upgraded sniper rifle and a Vi-Jinx confrontation with their trademark League of Legends weapons. Netflix calls this “the final chapter” of Arcane, so the story is bound to feature a climactic conclusion in the battle between Hextech and Shimmer.

Don’t worry, though; just because Arcane is ending doesn’t mean Netflix is finished visiting the world of League of Legends and its many heroes. Showrunner Christian Linke has specifically said, “Arcane is just the first of many stories that we want to tell in Runeterra,” and there are plans to continue a “larger storytelling journey” with animation studio, Fortiche. In the meantime, Arcane fans await the show’s return in November of 2024.