Angry Boys episode 9 review

Jen finally gets her comeuppance in the latest episode of Angry Boys. Here's Charlotte's review of a most satisfying ninth instalment...

It became apparent early on in the Angry Boys series that after one rather emotionally charged episode, the next is usually more upbeat and silly. After last week’s mind blowing revelation about Gran, it comes as no surprise, then, that the most recent episode has left that subject behind, and its focus is on other characters. I’m fine with this. As long the next episode picks up with Gran, this week’s should be a nice break and, theoretically, a bit lighter.

As is the formula, there are three main characters this episode focuses on: the twins, Blake and Jen. The twins are still gearing up for Nathan’s leaving party, which I had actually sort of forgotten about. As it’s the main reason we’ve been introduced to the “Legend” characters, it did come as a shock that that is something I would forget. As there are only three episodes left, the leaving party will surely be the culminating series ender.

Anyway, Nathan spends most of this episode hidden in a cupboard, after his brother makes fun of the uniform he will have to wear to his new school. With everyone thinking he has run away, it’s really nice to see Daniel’s reaction to him going missing. He is genuinely terrified of him not being there – the soft side to a guy who generally likes to torture his family members has been exposed yet again. This caring side soon changes when he finds out how Nathan retaliated, but at least we saw that other side, for a while at least.

The last episode saw Blake get arrested for a crime he had no part in. In this episode, he has been released on bail, and is awaiting news of whether he will be sentenced, along with the friend who shot Pacco, who is still in a critical condition. On top of all this, Blake’s girlfriend has left him to fend for himself with the help of his Mucca Mad Boys.

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For the entire episode, Blake seems to put on a front, and seems pretty certain Corona will come back to him. He lists all the ways in which he can win her back, and his best idea is going back to surfing and doing the Billabong tour, which, as I’ve said before, he needs to do. One of the best parts of this episode is his explaining that, if you feel you need to cry, just blink 50 times in a row and it will go away. Blake’s final scene in the episode, after a heavy talk with Corona, is him just sat on his bed blinking, which initially is pretty funny, but the realisation of what he’s doing makes it really rather sad. I hope those kids can work it out.

So Jen is in this episode, and that’s usually met with a slight groan from me. She’s the kind of character who can be amusing once, but becomes tiresome, though I really enjoyed her presence in this episode, because her son Tim finally gets the better of her, and it is glorious.

They’re both on a shoot for a new ad campaign to promote a drink, but Jen has kept Tim out of all the planning, so when he finds out the drink is labelled “gay”, and he can’t do his own stunts, he storms off the set. The showdown between them has been a long time coming, and I was really rooting for Tim, wanting him to go further to just get away from her.

When Tim finds out all his fan mail (letters asking for his presence at parties, which may be important in the future, eh viewers?) is incinerated by his mother without his knowledge, it’s the last straw. After repeatedly telling Jen he isn’t gay, Tim proves it by revealing to the world via his website he actually has a girlfriend. With a piece of news that could potentially ruin the whole company Jen has built for him (bred out of selfishness and on a foundation of lies) it is satisfying to see how it could all come crashing down for her. Way to go Tim!

So we’ve seen the characters in this episode grow, and I can feel real changes happening to not just the characters, but their lives and the way the show is headed. I’m pretty excited to see how it will come about in the end, proving that series really has been a slow burner. It’s going to be worth it for those of us who have stuck around. Although I enjoyed this episode, when it was over all I could think was that next week’s would definitely have Gran in it. Lilley sure knows how to keep us hooked.

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