Angry Boys episode 10 review

As it heads towards its finale, Angry Boys continues to build welcome momentum. Here's our review...

Angry Boys is nearing its conclusion and this latest instalment is beginning to bring everything together for the finale. I find it hard to believe it will be over soon. I can see it going on for a few more episodes, but that might be because I’ve enjoyed it and don’t want to see it end just yet.

The last few episodes have gradually been building momentum, each storyline shifting slightly so we can gauge where it’s all heading in the end, and it looks like it might all be coming together for Daniel and Nathan’s party.

At the beginning of the series it seemed pretty outlandish to invite your five favourite celebrities from all over the world to your “nowheresville” town (this one humorously called Dunt) for a party and expect them to show up. But we may be jumping the gun just a tad.

There are still two episodes left and who knows whether they’ll all make it. Still, this episode reveals early on the party has two confirmed guests, Blake and Tim. Blake presumably because he’s trying to get back into his surfing career, and Tim just to piss off his mother.  It’s an exciting revelation.

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Daniel and Nathan are doing their duties as devoted sons to be on form for their mother’s wedding to Steve as both are best men. For all the trouble they give Steve, this episode proves they can tone it down and be rather normal. Still not completely grown up, but for those two they do pretty well. They even put on entertainment for the wedding, which involves freestyle rap, BMXing and their friend doing skate stunts on their half pipe. It’s every woman’s dream.

S.Mouse! has been absent from the series for a while and although my general feelings towards him haven’t been all that warm, his last few appearances have been pretty funny. This week, he’s preparing for his new album by focusing on his style. Or lack thereof, it seems.

One shoot actually sees him don an eye patch and a “nipple shirt”, which is basically a shirt with holes cut out for his nipples to be exposed. While posing for his shoot the paparazzi get a look at him and brand him “fat” on all the celebrity blog sites. With all the negative press he’s been getting in the series, along with his epically awful songs, he may be looking for a new career soon, or a ticket to Australia to see a couple of twins from Dunt. See how it’s all coming together?

The main thing to talk about from this episode is the return of Gran after her big revelation two weeks ago.  After a big fight, Talib is sent to isolation for two days and Gran makes sure she’s on the shift for his first eight hours in there. She makes a big error in judgement, though, when she hands out sheets to the boys in isolation, even though it’s against the rules, due to risk of suicide. Sadly, one boy does attempt it and Gran is held accountable.

As an audience, we know that her mental state is deteriorating, so it’s a really emotional scene when Gran starts begging for her job. She’ll have to face the department to see what her future at the prison is.

The greatest strength of this show is how it’s played this storyline out. They could have overdone it, but the subtle portrayal of a devoted woman affected by a cruel disease is very effective and heart breaking. It’s been the biggest journey of the series in terms of character development and the only character I’ve felt a proper connection to. I think she’s Lilley’s finest creation.

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