75 Best Twitter Accounts For TV Fans to Follow

To get ready for the 2015 TV season, we've come up with the essential Twitter follows for TV fans.

Twitter’s impact on television has been profound in the last few years.

Actors are encouraged to live-tweet while their shows are airing, networks have PR accounts, show accounts, writers’ room accounts and there are enough parody accounts to make you question what is and isn’t real in the social media sphere. The reality is: Twitter is becoming big business for TV. Studies have shown that flurries of tweets and trending hashtags can at times help boost live ratings and Forbes used its cover to question whether Twitter can save live TV or vice-versa.

Before the almighty dollar wins out and Twitter is oversaturated with ads, we want to recognize what makes the social network our favorite TV-watching companion. The people! The funny people, the creative people, the informative people, the superheroes, the bad guys, the troublemakers, the overly opinionated, and all the rest of the golden gods of TV Twitter. The shows don’t end when the credits roll anymore and geeks like us can thank the internet for keeping us busy. 

Using an admittedly unscientific format by polling our reviewers and picking our favorites, we put together the 75 best Twitter accounts for TV fans to follow. That means we left a ton of great Tweeters out in the cold, and for that we are sorry. Please point those people out in our comments section.

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This list was curated by Chris LongoMike Cecchini, Daniel Kurland and includes submissions from Den of Geek contributors John Saavedra, Megan Crouse, Nick Harley, Alec Bojalad and Bridget LaMonica. The accounts are not ranked or in any particular order because that would be exhausting and unfair, so we broke it up by sections: Talent, Resources, Network and Other. 

And now here are your 75 Best TV Twitter accounts… 


Peter Gould

Keep your eye on the Breaking Bad writer who will serve as showrunner for Better Call Saul.

Follow @PeterGould

Dan Harmon

Between Community and Rick and Morty, Harmon is a must-follow showrunner for 2015. 

Follow @DanHarmon

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Shonda Rhimes

ABC’s influential showrunner owns an entire Thursday night block and an army of loyal Twitter followers. 

Follow @shondarhimes

Bryan Fuller

The Hannibal showrunner loves to interact with fans and retweet fan art. 

Follow @BryanFuller

Joss Whedon

Follow the Agents of SHIELD creator and Avengers director for tweets like “Rejected Avengers 2” titles. 

Follow @josswhedon

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She plays “Donna” on Parks and Recreation and often live tweets shows that she’s watching. 

Follow @unfoRETTAble

Nathan Fielder

He’s not the most frequent tweeter, but his Nathan for You behind-the-scenes tweets add to an already brillant show.

Follow @NathanFielder

Jordan Peele

Following one half of Key and Peele is a must for comedy fans. 

Follow @JordanPeele

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Keegan-Michael Key

If you’re going to follow one half, you should probably also follow the other. 

Follow @KeeganMKey

Kay Cannon

The New Girl and 30 Rock writer has plenty of industry insight and some excellent mom tweets. 

Follow @KayKayCannon

Mark Duplass

The League funnyman has proven his writing chops and brings his unique style to Twitter.

Follow @MarkDuplass

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Katie Aselton

Duplass’ wife and The League co-star is no slouch either. Judge for yourself who wins the battle for Twitter supremacy in the Duplass-Aselton household. Bonus points for a great handle.

Follow @duplaselton

Lena Dunham

After a headline-making year, the Girls star won’t shy away from speaking her mind in 2015. 

Follow @LenaDunham

Liz Meriwether

Let’s face it: We can all use a little New Girl even when it’s not Tuesday night, so follow the brains behind it. 

Follow @lizmeriwether

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Zooey Deschanel

Tempted to put the entire cast of New Girl on here… 

Follow @ZooeyDeschanel

Jake Johnson

OK, just one more. 

Follow @MrJakeJohnson

Joe Mande

The standup comedian and Parks and Rec writer is on the short list for funniest man on Twitter. 

Follow @JoeMande

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Taran Killam 

SNL‘s rising star makes us feel like we’re with him in Studio 8H.

Follow @TaranKillam

H. Jon Benjamin

Archer, Bob’s Burger and an imaginative, hilarious Twitter feed. 

Follow @HJBenjamin

Chelsea Peretti

Don’t miss out on random thoughts from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress and comedian. 

Follow @ChelseaVPeretti

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Chris Pratt

The rising star of 2014 is set to take over the world in 2015. 

Follow @prattprattpratt

Andrew Daly

Review was named one of the best shows of 2014, and now Andrew Daly has been named a Tweeter to watch for 2015. 

Follow @TVsAndyDaly

Aziz Ansari

Treat yo’ self to a hearty dose of the comedian and Parks and Rec actor’s tweets. 

Follow @AzizAnsari

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Aisha Taylor

The multi-talented Taylor is the new Whose Line is it Anyway? host and a popular podcaster. 

Follow @AishaTyler

Stephen Colbert

The new Late Show host’s last show is always his best. 

Follow @StephenAtHome

Aubrey Plaza

At least one Evil Hag makes this list. 

Follow @EvilHag

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Danny DeVito

Tweeting a picture of your Troll Foot with One Direction lands you in the Top 75. 

Follow @DannyDeVito

Glenn Howerton 

The Always Sunny actor is the self-proclaimed “Golden God of Twitter.” 

Follow @GlennHowerton

Kerry Washington

The Scandal star is the Golden Goddess of Twitter. 

Follow @kerrywashington

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Nick Kroll 

Nick Kroll and his comedian friends know how to have a good time on Twitter. 

Follow @NickKroll

Gillian Jacobs

You can see how Community has built such a loyal following when you follow one of its lead actresses in Jacobs. 

Follow @GillianJacobs

Mark Gatiss 

The English actor and writer has recently shown up in Game of Thrones. 

Follow @Markgatiss

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Joel Hodgson

Mystery. Science. Theater. 3000. 

Follow @JoelGHodgson

John Wesley Ship

The original Flash and Dawson’s dad. What’s not to love here? 

Follow @JohnWesleyShipp

Grant Gustin

The new Barry Allen. 

Follow @grantgust

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Mindy Kaling

On the short list for funniest female on Twitter. 

Follow @mindykaling

Sean Pertwee

Yes, even Gotham‘s Alfred is into social media these days. 

Follow @seanpertwee

Maurissa Tancharoen

Marvel fans should get acquainted with this Agents of SHIELD writer.  

Follow @MoTancharoen

Daniel Tosh

Because being a dick can be an art form. 

Follow @danieltosh

Andy Cohen

Fans can’t get enough of the Bravo host.

Follow @Andy

Jaime Primak 

The Jersey Belle star is Bravo’s next big thing. 

Follow @JaimePrimak

Kevin O’Leary

Shark Tank‘s bad boy brings his Mr. Wonderful-isms to Twitter. 

Follow @kevinolearytv

Jimmy Fallon

Bringing The Tonight Show into the social sphere has paid off to the tune of 19 million followers for Fallon. 

Follow @jimmyfallon

Jimmy Kimmel

This Jimmy isn’t bad either. 

Follow @jimmykimmel

Critics/Journalists/Industry Resources

Emily Nussbaum 

The New Yorker TV Critic. 

Follow @emilynussbaum

Andy Greenwald 

Grantland.com TV critic. 

Follow @andygreenwald

Alan Sepinwall 

HitFixTV Critic, What’s Alan Watching Blog. 

Follow @sepinwall

Todd VanDerWerff

Former A.V. Club scribe, current Vox culture editor. 

Follow @tvoti

Tiffany Vogt

Senior Entertainment Reporter for Seat42F.com

Follow @TVWatchtower

Jeff Jensen

Entertainment Weekly TV critic. 

Follow @EWDocJensen

Michael Ausiello 

Founder and EIC of TVline.com

Follow @MichaelAusiello

Katie Hasty

HitFix Managing Editor.  

Follow @TheKatieHasty

The Hollywood Reporter 

A go-to source for breaking entertainment industry news. 

Follow @THR


Hollywood’s entertainment business trade magazine. 

Follow @Variety

Deadline Hollywood

Usually breaking the news before anyone else. 

Follow @Deadline

UK Comedy News

A worthwhile look for fans of British comedy.  

Follow @UKComedyNews

TV By the Numbers

The best place to find weekly TV ratings. 

Follow @TVbytheNumbers

My Tracking Board

Industry source for info on “Spec Scripts, Script Sales, Industry Jobs, Talent Attachments, OWAs & Exec Moves.” 

Follow @MyTrackingBoard

Network, Show and Creative Accounts

The Walking Dead AMC

A must follow account on Sunday nights. 

Follow @WalkingDead_AMC

Green Arrow TV

A news source for fans of The CW’s Green Arrow

Follow @GreenArrowTV

South Park

Quotes, pictures and behind-the-scenes episode goodies straight from South Park Studios.

Follow @southpark

Comedy Bang Bang

The account perfectly compliments the humor in the show. 

Follow @ComedyBangBang

Comedy Central

Making Twitter a little funnier since 2009. 

Follow @ComedyCentral

The CW

Network accounts can be pretty dry, but The CW has fun with its content. 

Follow @CW_network


The network’s ambitious content strategy for 2015 should have the TV fans excited to tune into the sci-fi world. 

Follow @SyfyTV

El Rey Network

A promising first year for Robert Rodriguez’s network has us looking forward to its content in 2015.

Follow @Elreynetwork

Constantine Writers’ Room

Any good HellBlazer should be plugged into Constantine’s writers’ room.

Follow @JohnConWriters


Because they can write… fast.

Follow @FLASHtvwriters

Arrow Production Office

Cool notes, pictures and fan art from the Arrow Production team.

Follow @ArrowProdOffice


Modern Seinfeld

Your answer to: “What if Seinfeld was still on air?” 

Follow @SeinfeldToday

Sterling Archer

Archer parody account. 

Follow @codenameduchess

Will McAvoy

The Newsroom is no longer, but we still need someone to tell us how to do the news the right way. 

Follow @WillMcAvoyACN

’80s Don Draper

Potential Mad Men spinoff?

Follow @80sDonDraper

Andi Gutierrez

Star Wars Rebels social media guru and the voice of the Rebels Recon. 

Follow @DeeGoots

Sketch Dallies 

Daily high-quality fan artwork of your favorite TV characters. 

Follow @Sketch_Dailies

And the bonus accounts: 

Den of Geek US

Our lovely little website. Movies, TV, Comics, Games and more. You know the deal. 

Follow @DenofGeekUS

Den of Geek (UK)

The original Den of Geek, our sister site, and our friends from across the pond. 

Follow @DenofGeek

Did we miss some of your favorite accounts? Let us know in the comment section. Happy tweeting in 2015!