Would you pay for an Uwe Boll movie that hasn’t been made yet?

It worked for Crocodile Dundee - but can the 'world's worst director' Uwe Boll inspire the same love...?

It’s not a proper week at DoG without some Uwe bashing, and thankfully, Mr Boll isn’t shy when it comes to setting himself up for a fall. Taking a (merciful) break from killing the games industry, it would seem as though the nominee for the Razzies Worst Career Achievement Award 2008 is strapped for cash, and is asking all-comers for some dough to bring his next project to life.

A visit to theblackoutfilm.com will take you to the website for Blackout: The Film where Mr Boll is apparently asking for donations of 33 Euros from punters (or co-producers) in order to achieve the mighty sum of, wait for it… $18,500,000! Yes, that’s eighteen and a half million dollars, folks; just think of the movie Uwe could make with that…

The site bears no information on the film itself, apart from a terrorist theme and the apparent participation of Ralf Moller – whose filmography (as stated by the site) includes Gladiator, Far Cry (with Till Schweiger no less, and also directed by Uwe Boll, based on the game of the same name – groan) and “some films with Arnold Shwarzenegger”. Awesome.

To be frank, I’d rather spend 33 Euros on a decent night out, or a colonic irrigation than fund another Boll movie, but at least this project has nothing to do with games, for once, which should please gamers around the globe.

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Quite what develops from this we’ll have to wait and see, but the closing informational statement on the site of “in case the full budget cannot be reached on time, but a minimum of 43% of the mentioned amount at least, the management decides whether the film will be produced with the reduced budget or the closing date of the present offer will be extended” doesn’t bode well.

If you’ve got the urge to participate, though, visit the site. Just don’t tell your friends.