World of Warcraft: Robin Williams Tribute Has Been Found, Is Awesome

Robin, World of Warcraft's tribute to Robin Williams, warms our hearts. He's the best.

UPDATE: Robin William’s World of Warcraft tribute has been found in the form of an in-game genie named Robin. It warms our hearts to see Williams’ legacy live on in the video game world as well as the rest of the entertainment world. He is a true legend.

Here’s your first look at Robin:

There are also references to Mork, Toys, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Robin the genie was found by Wowhead, a WoW fan site.

The original story follows…

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When beloved comedian Robin Williams tragically passed away on the morning of August 11, many World of Warcraft fans started a petition to get the late actor immortalized in the popular MMORPG, which was one of Williams’ personal favorite games. Blizzard Entertainment heard fans loud and clear, and shortly after these requests started being made, Warcraft technical game designer Chadd Nervig responded to a fan’s inquiry about the petition on Twitter by simply saying, “We’re taking care of it.”

Well now it looks like those hopes are already coming to fruition. New data files have been uncovered for World of Warcraft’s latest beta build, and they include a brand new NPC called “Robin the Entertainer.” What’s more, the NPC is a blue genie, an obvious nod to Williams’ work in Aladdin. Given the nature of the character, this genie will also be able to transform into a number of different forms, such as a human female, which many already believe to be a reference to Mrs. Doubtfire.

While there has yet to be official confirmation about Robin the Entertainer from the Blizzard camp, you can check out an early image of what the new genie NPC will likely look like in-game.

[Via IGN.]

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