Wonder Woman: 8 Unanswered Questions Explained

Just a few answers to the questions that Wonder Woman leaves behind...

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This article contains nothing but Wonder Woman spoilers.

With strong critical and box office reception, it’s clear now that Wonder Woman is the movie the character deserves. Patty Jenkins may have managed to keep things a lot tighter than the last few DCEU films, but that doesn’t mean you might not have come out of the film with some questions.

1. Who was Doctor Poison?

In the comics, Dr. Isabel Maru is one of the first ever Wonder Woman villains, introduced in Sensation Comics #2, where she works for the Nazis and creates a gas that can cause people to do the opposite of what they intend called ummm… “Reverso” (it was, after all, a comic with all the narrative complexity 1942 can offer).

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That said, she was initially portrayed as (apparently) male before a last-minute reveal shows that she’s actually a woman. Although she was also shown to be Japanese in a future appearance. Her granddaughter, Marina Maru, later became the new Doctor Poison in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #151.

We have more about Doctor Poison and the other Wonder Woman villains in our complete guide to the film’s Easter eggs and comic references.

2. How did her face get scarred?

There’s no official explanation – after all, it’s not a character trait she’s had in any other appearances that we’re aware of – but I think you can safely assume she was negatively affected by her own experimentation in some way. Hey, if it’s good enough for Doctor Doom…

3. Why was Morgan/Ares so keen on negotiating peace?

This, we’re actually not sure on. His goal seemed to be continuing the war, so maybe the peace talks and his presence at them were actually an attempt to deflect the process – to ensure that peace could not be reached. Not least because he was nudging people to fight in secret, diplomacy-disabling ways during those talks. That’s our take, at least. Did anyone else come up with/catch a better one?

4. Did Diana actually stop the war?

Well… yes and no. With the fighters freed from Ares’ influence, the war at least had a chance to end. But as she learned when she killed Ludendorff, you can’t end a war by killing one man, even if that man’s a god. It’s more likely the already-ongoing peace process succeeded now that Ares wasn’t around to prevent it from doing so.

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Of course, in reality World War I ended because Germany was bankrupt from fighting a war it couldn’t win, and its workers and military forces were going on strike. An worker’s uprising eventually forced Kaiser Wilhelm to abdicate leaving Germany as a Republic, under the control of a government eager to end the war.

5. Where actually is Themyscira?

This is a question with about fifty answers depending on which comic you’re reading and when. In the movie, it would seem that it’s somewhere in the Aegean Sea, and the quick overnight trip to London can best be explained as, er, movie magic. In the comics, it’s been in the Bermuda Triangle, and in the Pacific Ocean off California.

The scenes in this movie, however, were filmed in Craco, a ghost town in Italy which was abandoned in 1980 following an Earthquake. (It has also appeared as a movie location in Quantum Of Solace, and The Passion Of The Christ, as well as many other movies).

6. Can this Wonder Woman fly?

In the comics, Wonder Woman can fly just like Superman does. In this movie, at least, it doesn’t appear to be the case – though it’s also clear that her understanding of her powers is evolving fast. It’s entirely possible that by the time of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice she’s figured out that ability and just hasn’t yet used it. Either way, Jenkins hasn’t closed the door on it as a possibility. Keep an eye on Justice League and/or the inevitable Wonder Woman sequel if that’s what you’re interested in seeing.

7. Why was she the only child in Themyscira?

She was forged out of clay by Hippolyta and given life by Zeus – but as Diana tells Steve, as far as the Amazons are concerned, men are only necessary for reproduction. And there aren’t any men on Themyscira, so while there COULD be children there if they wanted them, they clearly have other priorities.

8. Is she actually called Wonder Woman?

Two films in and we’re still waiting for literally anyone to say those words, though as with many superhero codenames it’s just a matter of time. Anyone want to put money on Perry White coining it during Justice League…?

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