Tony Scott confirms he’s directing Top Gun 2

It’s definite. The Top Gun 2 rumours were true, and the director of the original film, Tony Scott, is coming back to direct. Blimey.

While those associated with Tom Cruise appear to have been distancing the actor from reports of a sequel to Top Gun, it seems nonetheless that there’s real meat to this particular story. For director Tony Scott, he who helmed the first film, has confirmed that Top Gun 2 is indeed happening, and that he will be returning to direct.

The whole Top Gun 2 story has come as something of a surprise, even though it’s not the first time that rumours of a Top Gun sequel have surfaced. Nonetheless, a healthy part of us suspect that it would all be declared nonsense, and locked away for a further four or five years before chatter started doing the rounds again.

However, it looks like this is the real deal. In the US at the moment, junket interviews are taking place for Tony Scott’s latest film, the Denzel Washington-starring Unstoppable, which we get over here in November. And What’s Playing asked the director straight out if Top Gun 2 was on the cards.

His response? To quote the site, “Yes, he has agreed to do it” and “he will be directing”.

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Things aren’t much clearer on the question of Tom Cruise’s involvement, mind. The thinking appears to be to try and get him invited back for a cameo role, as he’s certainly unlikely to be the star this time round. Perhaps, though, once Unstoppable is safely released, we might just get a firmer idea of what shape Top Gun 2 will be taking.

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