Thor: Love and Thunder – Chris Hemsworth Promises “Crazy Off the Wall” Movie With New Set Photo

Thor: Love and Thunder has wrapped filming, and a new set photo proves that Chris Hemsworth is in the greatest Thunder God shape of his life.

Thor: Love and Thunder Marvel Studios Logo
Photo: Marvel

Well, this might just be the final Thor: Love and Thunder set photo story we publish. Not because you, our readers, haven’t devoured these and clamored for them every time we published ’em, but because there simply won’t be any more set photos to report. You see, folks, Thor: Love and Thunder has wrapped filming.

“That’s a wrap on Thor Love and Thunder,” Hemsworth wrote on Instagram. “It’s also national don’t flex day so I thought this super relaxed photo was appropriate. The film is gonna be batshit crazy off the wall funny and might also pull a heart string or two. Lots of love, lots of thunder! Thank you to all the cast and crew who made this another incredible Marvel journey. Buckle in, get ready and see ya in cinemas!!”

I do not know what “national don’t flex day” is, nor do I particularly care. I do, however, know that Hemsworth’s arms are giving me something of a complex, and any hope any of us may have had about emerging from lockdown in superheroic shape may need to adjust our expectations after seeing this pic of the actor in full God of Thunder form. Has Hemsworth ever been quite THIS huge for the part? It’s impressive.

See for yourself…

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Accompanying Hemsworth in the photo is director Taika Waititi, wearing some pretty impressive Korg gear. It’s nice to know that everyone’s favorite rock warrior/gladiator/nice chill dude will return after making his first appearance in Thor: Ragnarok.

But look a little closer at that pic. Thor’s t-shirt has a very faintly Jack Kirby-esque flavor to it (just as Thor: Ragnarok was positively full of Kirby influences), but it also looks like it might be a stylized representation of Yggdrasil, the world tree, a central piece of Norse mythology and Asgardian lore. Thor also is rocking a little bit of a Jack Burton vibe in this pic, which is pretty cool. But look even CLOSER…

Is…is Hemsworth carrying a purse? Like, is that a spiky, rock n’ roll concert handbag? Is this Thor’s purse? Maybe he’s holding Jane Foster’s purse for her since she’s going to be taking on the mantle of the God of Thunder in this adventure, and she’s too busy smiting foes to deal with the hassle right now.

This is the closest we’ve come to an official set photo, but the leaks that have made their way out into the world over the last few months have teased that Thor: Love and Thunder is every bit as quirky and fun as Ragnarok was.

Thor: Love and Thunder also stars Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Christian Bale as the terrifying Gorr, the God Butcher. Oh yeah, and Russell Crowe as Zeus. This movie is gonna be wild.

Thor: Love and Thunder opens on May 6, 2022.

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