The Flash Movie Reveals Awesome New Look for Barry Allen

Photos from the Las Vegas Licensing Expo reveal bringer versions of Ezra Miller's suit in The Flash movie.

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Despite lagging behind in television properties, Marvel has long outdone DC on the silver screen. But recent news has given DC fans reason to hope that Crosstown Rivalry might be getting even soon. With Michael Keaton’s new Bat-suit for The Flash and Batgirl already shown, and with set photos showing Xolo Maridueña’s costume for Blue Beetle making the rounds, fans get another treat with images coming from the Licensing Expo at Las Vegas.

These photos show a much brighter suit than previously worn by The Flash star Ezra Miller, something much closer in tone to the costume that Grant Gustin has worn playing the Flash on the CW series. More notably, the costume appears to consist of a single piece, as opposed to the more piece-meal suit Miller had in Justice League and the “Knightmare” sequence at the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Closer inspection reveals some lines and textures worked into the costume, which may ignite with lightning when the Flash calls upon his Speed Force powers. The design of Flash’s logo supports this theory, as crackling lines surround the traditional circle and lightning bolt insignia.

While the costume shown in these images might initially recall the classic Flash costume that debuted with Barry Allen way back in 1956, these speed lines better match the Jim Lee redesign from the New 52. As in those comics, the lightning bolt on the insignia goes beyond the borders of the circle, and the circle itself has a silver sheen. Likewise, the lines around the mouth on Flash’s mask make a jagged, lightning bolt form.

That said, some clear differences from the comic costume remain. Most notably, the back of Flash’s helmet remains elongated, albeit less pronounced than it was in the Zack Snyder-directed films. While the edges of Flash’s gloves and belt take more of a clear lightning bolt form than they did in previous movie versions, they do not quite connect, a break from the usual comics costume.

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Alongside Miller’s new Flash costume, fans also saw glimpses of a costume with a more complicated comic book history. Playing a fellow hero joining the Flash on a multiversal adventure is Sasha Calle as Supergirl. A first glance at Supergirl’s costume reveals much of what you’d expect from the character, including a blue and red color scheme, an S-shield on the chest, and a flowing red cape.

But there are a few key differences that set it apart from the suits worn by Helen Slater and Melissa Benoist in their respective live-action Supergirls. Gone is the miniskirt or even the trunks that cousin Kal-El usually sports. Most notably, the red of the cape covers the neck and shoulders to bleed into the S crest. Those two elements mean that Calle will be debuting a costume rarely seen, even in the comics. In fact, the closest antecedents are those found in the Injustice comics, based on the hit video game, which makes sense, given the alternate realities that Flash and Supergirl are bound to encounter.