The Batman Set Photos Tease a Tough Winter for Bruce Wayne

Robert Pattinson's Batman is in for a long, cold winter, as new pics highlight some icy sets for DC's forthcoming Year 2 movie.

Robert Pattinson in The Batman
Photo: Warner Bros.

Filming on Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated The Batman continues apace in the UK, and some new behind the scenes images have given fans a better look at the state of Gotham in the upcoming DC movie.

Robert Pattinson, who stars as the Caped Crusader in the Year 2 film, is nowhere to be seen in the aerial pics, and neither are any of the other cast members. Instead, we’re given what is tantamount to an exterior set tour. Not that we’re complaining.

In some of the images, you can see several Gotham buildings that seem to have been subjected to bomb blasts…

In others, the Penguin’s crime front – Gotham Harbor Iceberg Fish Co. – can be seen, presumably as part of the city’s dockyards.

Fans of Fox’s Gotham may remember our last on-screen collision with the Penguin’s various ‘berg dalliances, back when Oswald Cobblepot turned one of the city’s nightclubs into the iconic Iceberg Lounge. We’re sure Colin Farrell’s Penguin will manage to give Batman some trouble here, but more welcome visitors may still be offered a little caviar.

This version of Batman will give the Penguin as good as he gets, though, as he’s a little more off the chain than we’ve seen in previous big screen takes on the character.

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“The public is afraid of him,” Reeves said of his DCEU-adjacent Dark Knight. “He’s not yet the vision of the character where he becomes a vision of hope for the city. He’s early in the trajectory, and so they’re afraid of him, frankly. He’s kind of a growing legend. That is one of the things we will confront in the course of the story, and that Rob has to sort of deal with in playing the character, which is how he’s perceived.”

Regardless, there’s a tough winter ahead for Bruce, as some set images tease a cold snap…

And this massive construction appears to be the outside of the Batcave, no? It’s nice to see so much organic work underway, it should make for a more grounded feel to the film.

Pattinson’s Batman will seemingly be harder to predict, even if he seems to have got some of these basic Bat tools at his disposal.

“A lot of the other stories are about how he mastered his fear to become Batman. What was exciting for me was not that, but to meet him in the middle of this criminological state. For him to make mistakes,” Reeves told intrigued viewers when The Batman’s first trailer dropped at DC FanDome.

He added “Because the movie’s detective story and about corruption, we’re treating it as if this Batman story could have happened. He doesn’t have superpowers, just super focus. Chinatown was a key movie for us. French Connection and Taxi Driver were key for us as well. A lot of ’70s street grounded stories.”

The Batman is set to be released on March 4, 2022, all being well.