Ralph Breaks the Internet: Easter Eggs and Reference Guide

The sequel may have less video game IPs sneaking around, but there are still some notable bits of trivia mixed in there.

This article consists of nothing but Ralph Breaks the Internet spoilers.

Ralph Breaks the Internet, the long-awaited sequel to 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph is upon us. You can read our review here. In this new adventure, our self-aware video game heroes Ralph and Vanellope venture into the internet to see if they can do a less-cringeworthy version of The Emoji Movie. From there, they take part in a fairly simple quest with minimal conflict, only to go through an emotional discovery later on when the movie asks itself, “Actually, what is this really about?”

Being that the first one was Who Framed Roger Rabbit/Toy Story/FoodFight! for video games, it makes sense that there would be plenty of Easter eggs tossed in. Here’s what we noticed.

Lots of spoilers, of course.

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– Knowsmore’s attempts at figuring out Ralph’s questions before he finishes asking them leads him to bringing up Steve Urkel from Family Matters, as played by Jaleel White. Fittingly, White’s second-most-well-known role is voicing Sonic the Hedgehog, who of course appears in this movie.

– While in Slaughter Race, Vanellope sees a large, inflatable gorilla on top of a building and thinks it’s Ralph for a second. Similarly, when Ralph’s clones turn into a massive hivemind goliath at the end of the movie, its behavior is very reminiscent of King Kong. This ties into Ralph’s origins as a Donkey Kong pastiche with Fix-It Felix being his Mario.

Coincidentally, while Nintendo wasn’t sold enough on the idea of letting Mario show up in the first movie (while letting them use Bowser), this time he isn’t there due to Nintendo’s deal with Illumination. Just as well, considering how brief the arcade realm appears overall.

Slaughter Race is very much a pastiche of Grand Theft Auto, but the emphasis of evil clowns looks to be a nod to Twisted Metal (and its marquee character Sweet Tooth), which appears to be another major inspiration.


– When our heroes first reach the internet, there’s a big sign saying “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER,” a reference to one of the earlier internet cat memes and meme blogs.

– In the eBay area, the voice actors (Brian Curless, Ann Colgin, and Viveca Paulin) are actual professional auctioneers. Fitting that Paulin would show up in a John C. Reilly movie considering her husband is his usual partner-in-crime Will Ferrell.

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– One of the failed attempts to achieve internet popularity is a character called “Chewbacca Dad.” Chewbacca Mom, otherwise known as Candace Payne, filmed herself wearing a cheap Chewbacca mask and started laughing hysterically. This led to a stretch of internet stardom and even some TV appearances.

– One of Ralph’s videos has him imitating late TV painter Bob Ross. While not really a regular viral video concept, it did do gangbusters when Deadpool did the same thing to promote his second movie.


– When Ralph is accosted by pop-up ads, one of them is about housewives wanting to meet him. The woman on the image is Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6.

– The office worker who first sees the Ralph internet videos is wearing an R2D2 tie.

– The Disney website area naturally has all the big franchises. There’s the animated movies, Marvel stuff, Muppets, and so on…but also an “Air Bud Pavilion?” I even had to double-check that that was indeed a Disney property. But hey, it takes all kinds.

– A remix of “Let It Go” from Frozen is playing because of course it is.

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Stan Lee’s internet user avatar shows up for a second. Sadly, this is his first posthumous cameo. His final cameo while he was alive would be his appearance in Venom.

– There’s a “CAST MEMBERS ONLY” sign, which in the Disney theme parks means only employees are allowed. In the internet, things are a little more literal.

– Not only are almost all of the princesses voiced by their original voice actresses, but the various cameos in the Disney segment are voiced by their originals as well, including Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Anthony Daniels as C-3PO, and Vin Diesel as Baby Groot.

– As dime-a-dozen as those Stormtroopers are, the one leading the chase against Vanellope is actually an established drone. The credits identify him as FN-3181, a trooper from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with Michael Giacchino reprising the role.

– Despite the Disney/Marvel connection, the Disney Princesses switch to t-shirts and sweats via the Batman ’66 scene transition, complete with the music stinger.


– For whatever reason, Bill Hader’s role as Spamley isn’t credited. He doesn’t even show up in the early credits sequence where they go over all the major characters. Even Alfred Molina as Double Dan shows up in that part and he gets about a minute of screen time while being an extension of Spamley’s role.

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– The mid-credits sequence shows a memorable scene from the first Ralph Breaks the Internet trailer that ended up being cut from the final film. As a meta joke, the little girl in the mid-credits scene prefaces the gag by telling her mother that while she enjoyed the movie, she’s annoyed that there was a scene from the trailer that didn’t show up.

– There are a lot of fake app icons throughout the credits with some of them being references to real ones. For instance, School of Wizard Folks is most definitely Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. There’s also a “serial numbers filed off” version of the “Problem?” troll face icon thrown in there.

– The post-credits is Ralph not only singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley, but recreating the music video with Felix as the bartender and the Slaughter Race guys as backup dancers. Rickrolling as a bait-and-switch prank has been an internet staple since the mid-00s. Unfortunately, if you pay attention to the credits, the movie shows its hand too early considering the song is listed there as being performed by John C. Reilly.


– As anyone who has watched the trailers can tell you, there are a few scenes that didn’t make it into the final product. One of the more notable ones is Yesss trying to explain to our heroes that Ralph would “break” the internet instead of “wreck” it.

– At New York Comic Con, they played a somewhat different version of the Disney Princesses scene. The part where they explain the importance of breaking into song is gone and instead, they shout down Ariel for her random singing. There’s a moment when some of the princesses explain how they have to hide certain tics from the public, like how Snow White is legally blind without her glasses (explaining why she’s always side wide-eyed and has her hands out) and Jasmine is allergic to cats despite owning a pet tiger. Before leaving, Vanellope tries to pet Meeko, who instead angrily growls at her as Pocahontas warns her that he bites.