Neil Kaplan Remembers Digimon: The Movie (VIDEO)

Neil Kaplan goes in-depth about two fan favorite lines from Digimon: The Movie.

Digimon: The Movie is an underated masterpiece. No, seriously, I’ve written about it before. An adaption of three Japanese films into one, the film also included a liberal addition of jokes and humor to the original script. This was common place in the English dub of Digimon, but the movie ramped it up to an eleven. Most of these jokes were throwaways for quick laughs, but nearly twenty years later many fans (including yours truly) still quote them reguarly.

When we got the chance to interview one of the voice actors from the film, Neil Kaplan, we asked about two of these gags in particular. Neil is best known as the voices of Hawkmon, Halsemon, and Shurimon to Digimon fans but he also provided two other standout performances in Digimon: The Movie. Want to hear what they were? Watch the video below to hear Neil recall them in great detail.

Neil Kaplan is also a long running voice actor in the industry, voicing Optimus Prime in Transformers: Robots In Disguise, Emperor Zarkon in Voltron: Legendary Defender, and Tychus Findlay in the Starcraft franchise, to name only a few.

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