Mr Kennedy interview

As he takes the lead in Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia, WWE star Mr Kennedy takes a minute to talk to Den Of Geek…

Wrestling superstar Mr Kennedy steps into the movies as he heads up the cast of Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia. Here, he takes a moment out of his schedule to talk about the film, his movie plans and a little bit of wrestling too…

How did you get involved with the film?

A script was given to me from someone in WWE. I read for the part at an audition. Then about two months later they told me I had the part. Had you seen the others? What did you think?

Sure I had seen the others. It’s a great franchise and they are great action movies, which is why I wanted to get involved. What was the toughest part about making the movie?

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I’m used to a pretty gruelling schedule being a WWE superstar but the hours and the repetitiveness in making movies is tough. We do a show every night but that show is just one take. In movies you have to keep doing the same thing over and over until everyone is happy. That can be tough. 

What future movie plans do you have?

I don’t have anything immediate planned but I’d certainly like to do another movie in the future if I can. I enjoyed making the film but really I’d like to do a comedy of some kind and work with someone like Adam Sandler. If you could wrestle anyone either on the current WWE roster or from the past who would it be?

That’s a tough question. There have been so many great Superstars over the years that I’m a huge fan of. Stone Cold Steve Austin is being inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year and he’s the reason I got into WWE so maybe I’d have a match with Steve Austin. Did you come up with your own finishing move?

The Mic Check? Yes, I mean, you draw inspiration from other Superstars’ moves from all over the world but ultimately I came up with it. That’s why it’s my finishing move!

How did you get into the business?

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I didn’t really watch wrestling as a kid. When I was older I was living with a friend and he was watching Steve Austin on RAW. I couldn’t believe there was this amazing entertainment that I’d been missing out on all these years and I wanted to get involved. I went to a wrestling school in Minnesota where I’m from and worked really hard until I made it into the WWE. What do you do to occupy your time on the road?

I was recently given an electronic book that you can download hundreds of books on to so I read a lot. I like to play video games too so I have a PSP. We’re on the road a lot but we’re busy too, we do a lot of personal appearances, signings, media days and also the shows themselves so I don’t get a lot of free time. 

When you’re injured how do you cope? I play video games, a lot of video games. I have an Xbox, PSP and Wii. When you’re injured it’s difficult to do a lot of things, and playing video games requires very little physical commitment! Except for the Wii but I don’t play that so much, especially with my bad arm!

What are you up to at Wrestlemania?

Well due to my injury I’ll be watching this year not performing but I’m looking forward to it anyway. It’s going to be a great show as always.

Have you ever made the Undertaker laugh? No, Undertaker doesn’t laugh.

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Is there any wrestler you are thankful has retired so you don’t have to wrestle?

I can’t name names but I wrestled a guy who stank to high heaven, I’m glad he doesn’t wrestle anymore!

Mr Kennedy, thank you very much!

Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia is on DVD from 27th April 2009.