Friday The 13th sequel is “dead”?

Given the success of the remake of Friday The 13th, you’d have thought that the sequel was a certainty. Apparently not…

As one Platinum Dunes horror remake prepares to hit cinemas over the next couple of weeks (A Nightmare On Elm Street), the fate of another is far less promising.

After the relative commercial success of the recent remake of Friday The 13th, it was widely expected that a follow up by the name of – wait for it – Friday The 13th Part 2 was on the way. The film’s producer had originally said that he was looking to get the film before the cameras this year, and it was also planned to shoot the film in 3D.

The plan had been for an August release, but the brakes were put on the production of the film, and now, according to a Twitter update from Fuller, this is one sequel that’s dead in the water. Specifically, Fuller wrote “it is dead- not happening”.

The Tweet was noticed by Bloody Disgusting, who got in touch to find out more, and was told that there is “no movement” on the project.

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This is something of a surprise, especially as there seems no abating in the thirst to remake horror movies. Given that they don’t tend to be the most expensive films to make, we’re surprised to not be seeing this one rolling off the production line.

Here‘s the fuller version of the story over at Bloody Disgusting.