Final Destination 5 review round-up

The first reviews are in for Final Destination 5, and the franchise might just have got itself back on track...

We can’t be the only people in the world who thought that The Final Destination managed to throw away much of what had made the franchise so much fun to that point. What was even more depressing about it was that David R Ellis had directed it, the man who had steered the best Final Destination movie to date, Final Destination 2.

For Final Destination 5, Steven Quale has been brought in to make his feature debut, and given the reviews that the film is attracting in America, he might just have been an inspired choice.

We’re not seeing the film until next week, but to give you a flavour of what people are saying (and it seems to be really quite positive), here’s our review round-up…


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“The thing has flaws, but it has wholly redeemed the franchise from the travesty that was The Final Destination. The tone doesn’t really match that of the first two films, and somewhat the third, but at this point, the series is better off packing in the humor as we’re just so familiar with the chain of events. It’d insult the audience to take the story so seriously.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“To borrow from TV terminology, the series hasn’t jumped the shark yet, but the strain of inventing bizarre deaths is beginning to show.”

Box Office Magazine“Directed by James Cameron protégé Steven Quale, the visual effects supervisor and second unit director on Avatar, it’s the best 3D horror movie ever made, as much for its superlative technical merits as for its satisfying thrills”

Coming Soon

“This is easily the most shocking and disturbing movie in the series and if they choose to finally end things here, they would be ending things on a high note”

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Bloody Disgusting

“If I owned a film school, Final Destination 5 would be a required watch. It’s the kind of movie that would make Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, proud. It’s a lesson to filmmakers on how to build tension so tight that it’s shocking no viewer had brain hemorrhaging.”

Looks promising, if those reviews are anything to go by. Final Destination 5 is out in the US this weekend, and turns up in the UK from 26th August.

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